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What You Should Know About CTE in Sports

October 16, 2020

Recently, the public has become more aware about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, more commonly known as CTE. This hot-button issue has caused a lot of parents and kids to have second thoughts about athletics as we learn more about links between head trauma and long-term brain damage. Cutting through what’s fact... Read More

Massage Therapy vs. Manual Therapy

October 5, 2020

If you’ve been researching physiotherapists, chances are you’ve seen references to both massage therapy and manual therapy in Brampton. They’re two very different forms of therapy that can have a healing effect on your musculature. But what’s the difference, and which should you choose? The best way to find out... Read More

Can Physiotherapy Help Reduce Shoulder Pain?

September 21, 2020

Most of us don’t realize quite how much we move our shoulders until we injure one or both of them—suddenly, even the smallest movements are excruciating. However you may have been injured, physiotherapy can help reduce your shoulder pain by stretching and strengthening your muscles. Shoulder pain can present as... Read More

The Importance of Seeing a Physiotherapist for Vestibular Rehabilitation

September 4, 2020

Vestibular rehabilitation addresses dizziness and vertigo. These are the most common causes of falls, and people with severe balance disorders often cannot live independently. Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is one of the few clinics in Brampton that offers vestibular physiotherapy, and if you have balance issues, we are... Read More

How Physiotherapy Helps with ACL Tears

August 21, 2020

Physiotherapy will likely be a big part of ACL tear recovery. An ACL tear results from sudden movements, and the exercises and therapies that comprise ACL physiotherapy help with healing and preventing future injury. Here are six ways physiotherapy helps your ACL rehab process in Brampton: Pain control: ACL tears... Read More