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One of the Only Clinics in Peel -Paramount Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic Specializing in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussions. 12-January-2021 –
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I Feel Better, So Why Do I Need to Keep Going to Physical Therapy?

“I’m feeling so much better! I really don’t think I need to come in for my physical therapy session this
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Why You Must Keep Up with Your Physical Therapy at Home

As you focus on recovering from your injury with physical therapy in Brampton, it’s critical that you stay on top
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Understanding the Difference Between Soreness and Pain While Going Through Physical Therapy in Brampton

Exercise is an important part of maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing. Of course, if you’ve done any exercise before,
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How a Sprained Ankle Affects the Rest of Your Body

Almost everyone gets a sprained ankle at some point in their life. It’s a very easy mistake to make—you could
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How Physical Therapy Can Help Alleviate Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects millions of people around the world. The increase of computer usage over the past few decades,
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What Are the Most Common Unhappy Triad Symptoms?

An unhappy triad is, well, not such a happy condition! It got its name because it involves an acute injury
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Physical Therapy in Brampton Can Relieve Chronic Back Pain

There are so many different bones and muscles in your back that it can sometimes be difficult to determine the
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The Role of Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery

Physical therapy after knee replacement surgery is a crucial part of your recovery. It’s recommended to knee replacement patients for
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