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A Few Naturopathic Vitamins that can Benefit Your Body

December 1, 2014

Do you wake up every day and think to yourself, “I feel good, but I think I could feel better?” This is a common thought among people—whether you’ve got a small ache that won’t go away or you’re just more tired than you think you should be after a good... Read More

How Can Naturopathy Enhance Your Healthy Skin?

November 15, 2014

There’s a lot of debate these days when it comes to obtaining healthy skin. Many people believe that the only way to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy is to book a spa day each month, while other people experiment with weird diets and strange supplements in an effect... Read More

Naturopath and Allergy Tests: What They do and Why You Need Them

February 1, 2014

Sometimes, people experience chronic illnesses that they have no explanation for. When they visit a Brampton physiotherapist or other physician, they may be surprised to find themselves being subjected to naturopath and allergy tests. What benefits do these tests have and what can they tell you about your body or... Read More

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