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Consequences of Playing Through a Concussion

October 8, 2019

Untreated concussions in Brampton are serious business. If you’ve suffered a concussion and are considering playing through it, don’t—this is a huge health risk. You may not realize the amount of danger you are putting yourself in by playing through the concussion. The following overview will help you better understand... Read More

How Physical Therapy Helps with Treating Post-Concussion Syndrome

July 4, 2019

Many people seek physical therapy for injuries and chronic conditions in their body, from knee and hip injuries to chronic back pain and other sports injuries. However, many people don’t realize that physical therapy can help with post-concussion syndrome treatment in Brampton. Read on to learn how physical therapy can... Read More

The Relationship Between Soccer and Concussions

June 20, 2019

Recently, concussions and their long-term effects in the world of athletes has been under increased scrutiny as more studies are being done on the safety of certain sports and what can be done to minimize impactful injuries, especially head injuries. While soccer is the most popular team sport around the... Read More

Understanding Concussion Symptoms and the Signs to Watch Out For

January 15, 2016

What is a concussion, and what are the most common concussion symptoms? For starters, a concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury that can be caused by anything from serious sports injuries in Brampton to a car accident or physical altercation. A concussion occurs when the brain is jarred... Read More

Basketball Concussions are Common Sports Injuries in Brampton

October 1, 2015

If you pay attention to the world of sports, right now the major focus of concussions and other head-trauma injuries is on the NFL—and rightfully so: football is a high impact game that sees its fair share of hard hits and accidents. But, just because the NFL is at the... Read More

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