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Physiotherapy Benefits

What is Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist uses massage, stretching, and other manual therapies for pain management and prevention. They often assist patients suffering from widespread pain and mobility issues due to sports injuries. But physiotherapists treat patients with many health conditions, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Physiotherapists are trained to identify the type of manual therapies needed for optimal pain relief.

Physiotherapy can help some patients avoid high-risk elective surgery and taking highly addictive painkillers. In patients with partial or total immobility, physiotherapy can ease discomfort and preserve muscle tone. Many patients see an improvement in their conditions in just a few sessions. Along with gentle manipulation of the muscles and joints, physiotherapists help patients by offering tips for at-home care. Patients learn how to make simple lifestyle changes to heal or prevent recurring injuries.

Paramount Physiotherapy aims to identify the root cause of physical and biomechanical dysfunction. We combine several techniques to quicken healing times and determine why injuries occurred in the first place.

The initial visit will help your Brampton physiotherapist develop your individualized treatment plan. The techniques we use depend upon the nature of your injuries and goals for treatment. Therapeutic exercise and functional training assist patients with severe mobility issues, postural problems, and weakened muscles. Modalities such as heat, ice, and electrical stimulation (TENS) are used for patients with mild to moderate pain and inflammation. Maligned joints and muscle strains are addressed with manual therapies, such as joint mobilization (gently gliding the joint back in place) and stretching. You will learn how to stretch and exercise the right way to prevent future injuries.

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Cost of Treatment

Most insured patients at Paramount Therapy receive coverage for at least a portion of the cost of treatment. You may be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses, such as a co-pay or deductible. We recommend speaking with your insurance provider before your visit. If you have questions about financial responsibility, a member of our billing department will advise you.

Is physical therapy covered by OHIP? The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) may cover physiotherapy treatment in patients suffering from pain after a documented illness, injury, or surgical procedure. OHIP does not cover it in a group setting, for fall prevention, and injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents or on the job.

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There are many benefits to receiving regular physiotherapy sessions, including:

Improving posture. From Upper Crossed Syndrome to ‘tech neck’ (acquired kyphosis), poor posture puts you at greater risk for total-body health issues. Physiotherapy sessions in Brampton will help you stand up tall and develop proper core strength.

Increased range of motion. Patients with all levels of mobility can improve from gentle stretching and joint mobilization techniques.

Enhanced balance and coordination. Weak, stiff muscles in the lower body affect your form. Athletes who see a physiotherapist can increase their range of motion and protect themselves from injury. Ageing patients decrease the likelihood of traumatic falls.


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