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Common Brampton Sports Injuries of the ACL and MCL

December 15, 2013

Sports injuries, unfortunately, occur very frequently. There is never a good time for the young adults of Brampton to have sports injuries, but doesn’t it seem like they always happen at the worst possible time? During that great break out season or on that very important track meet—it’s the risk... Read More

Find the Right Workout Regimen for Your Budding Athlete

October 1, 2013

Athletes are some of the most conditioned people in the world—their bodies and their minds are strong, resilient and can stand up to things that everyday, ordinary people may find to be straining. Training for a sport can be a rigorous task, however the benefits that come with proper conditioning... Read More

Osgood Schlaters or Patellar Tendinitis in Teenage Athletes

February 6, 2013

Is your teen an active athlete who’s involved in a lot of running, jumping or crouching? Have they expressed discomfort in their knees or shins as a result of extensive strain on them? If so, your young athlete may have Osgood Schlaters or Patellar Tendinitis: an affliction that’s becoming more... Read More

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