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Paramount Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic is dedicated to providing the general public with physical therapy interventions with an emphasis on manual therapy. Our treatment approach incorporates education, exercise, manual therapy, modalities and acupuncture, in order to effectively and efficiently reintegrate individuals into sport and regular activities of daily life. Our staff is committed to actively working in a partnership with the patient to ensure a positive rehabilitation experience while maintaining the highest quality of services provided.

Why Paramount Physiotherapy

We are recognized as one of the best in manual therapy based treatment in the Brampton community. Our clinic has established itself as the facility of choice for athletes, insurance companies, physicians and residents of Northwest Brampton. We pride ourselves in creating a warm, modern environment that our clients feel comfortable in. We are at the cutting edge of manual therapy treatments. Our speciality services include but are not limited too Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussions. We continue to be heavily involved in supporting our community. We continually work to ensure that residents of Brampton are aware of what physiotherapy is, the benefits it has on their health and the services we can provide them.

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Pain & Mobility

Most of us don’t realize quite how much we move our shoulders until we injure one or both of them—suddenly, even the smallest movements are excruciating. However you may have been injured, physiotherapy Brampton can help reduce your shoulder pain by stretching and strengthening your muscles. Shoulder pain can present as sharp intermittent pain, but when left unaddressed, it can become a dull, chronic ache that extends all the way down your arms. Seeing a physiotherapist Brampton is the best way to help your shoulders heal in a safe way. Here’s how physiotherapy Brampton relieves shoulder pain.

A brief overview of shoulder anatomy

Your shoulder joint is a ball joint that can rotate in all directions. The deltoid muscles and rotator cuff muscles work together to hold the ball in the center of the ball socket when you raise and rotate your arm. Whenever you injure one of the four muscles in the rotator cuff, the deltoid muscles or the ones in your shoulder blade, it can impair your movement and limit your shoulder mobility. However, you can use physiotherapy clinic Brampton to “train” the uninjured muscles to take the pressure off the injured one, which allows it to heal. Shoulder pain can be caused by weak muscles, arthritis, poor posture, trauma and injury. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, physio Brampton can focus on building strength, stretching the injured muscles and relieving your pain.

How physiotherapy helps heal shoulder pain

Working with a professional physiotherapist is the best way to solve shoulder pain with physiotherapy clinic Brampton. First, your physiotherapist Brampton will perform an assessment. This usually involves watching you perform a series of exercises. This helps determine your current range of motion, strength and flexibility. Your physiotherapist will watch as you perform these exercises to see where you might be falling short of normal movement. Once the assessment is over, they’ll be able to give you a diagnosis as well as a proposed treatment plan. Physiotherapists often combine a number of different treatments, which can include massage, strengthening, stretching, manual therapy, soft tissue release and rehabilitation treatment. You’ll start with addressing the root cause of the injury, whether that’s trauma or other causes. Then your physio Brampton will work with you to not only address the shoulder pain, but make lifestyle changes that will help—for example, fixing your posture when sitting at your desk, or making adjustments if your job is full of repetitive movements. Once your injury is starting to improve, your physio clinic Brampton will work with you to start strengthening the muscles in your shoulder joints, arms and shoulder blades. This is designed to help prevent further injury and get you in the best shape possible. Finally, your physio clinic Brampton will give you tips to keep you safe in the future—the best way to prevent injury is to keep up with your physical therapy exercises. For help relieving shoulder pain and injury in Brampton, book an appointment with Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic today.

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As a leader in manual therapy based treatment, you can trust us to help you with your rehabilitation experience.

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How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy is the science of caring for human health and wellbeing by treating injury, disease and body disorders through physical methods, instead of medication. Physical methods include exercise, massage, and manipulation. This form of treatment is used for multiple reasons including injury, illness and aging. It is often used as a key part of the recovery process from a surgical procedure. The aim is to improve quality of life, restore function and to alleviate pain for people of all ages.

Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) helps a person get back to full strength and fluid movement in parts of the body after an injury, illness or surgery. It is also used to treat pain caused by bad posture or a serious disease like arthritis. Treatment can include continuing personal efforts including the use of bikes or treadmills, at-home exercise and exercise in a swimming pool.

Physiotherapy Brampton
Physiotherapy Brampton

What Specific Types of Injury Situations are
Treated by Physiotherapists

How Do Physiotherapists Treat Pain?

A physiotherapist (or PT) is a highly trained health professional whose function is to help people achieve and maintain good health as well as to manage pain and prevent disease. He or she has an advanced degree in physical therapy and must be licensed by the province in order to practice. The physical therapy process requires a patient’s involvement in their own care, with treatments, exercise and lifestyle counseling. A physiotherapist will:

Medical history

Review each patient’s medical history to understand their condition and needs.


an individual plan of treatment and care.

Provide information

to the patient and to care givers so they understand the care plan, recovery time and any issues along the way.

Physiotherapy Clinic Brampton


the patient’s body function and movement.

Physical methods

Used physical methods to implement the care plan including hands-on manipulation

Evaluate and record

each patient’s progress, including any needed modifications to the care plan.

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You can choose to live better and become more pain free by choosing to see a physiotherapist!

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