Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Brampton, ON

Regardless of what surgery you’ve been under the knife for, proper rehabilitation is important. Learning to readapt, strengthen and mobilize your body after surgery is the final step in correcting your ailment.

Whether you’re rehabbing your shoulder or need knee surgery recovery in Brampton, ON, Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports injuries Clinic has a treatment regimen that’s right for you. We develop post-surgical rehab plans based on your specific procedure and recovery timeline, to ensure your journey to a full recovery is free of setbacks.

Why is Rehab Important?

Surgery is an invasive process. Your body is already under duress from an injury—now, it needs to recover and heal from correcting that injury. Rehabilitation is the act of physically re-training your body to overcome both the injury and the corrective action. Through the re-training process, your body benefits in many ways:

  • Strengthen injured muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Reestablish and improve range of motion and dexterity.
  • Prevent the buildup and impediment of scar tissue.
  • Prevent new medical problems from taking root.
  • Reestablish proper biomechanics and body support.

The exercises you participate in at a physical rehab center in Brampton, ON all work toward re-training your body. If done right, rehab can even restore your body to a higher level of performance than before the injury that sent you into surgery!

A Broad Scope of Post-Surgical Rehab

No matter your age, the nature of your injury or the extent of damage to your body, our goal is to restore as much mobility as possible. We’ve worked with individuals coming off a variety of surgical procedures, including:

  • Various knee surgeries, including for MCL, LCL and ACL reconstruction.
  • Arm and shoulder surgeries, including rotator cuffs, labrums and AC joints.
  • Hip and pelvis surgeries, including IT band surgery, synovectomy or TJR procedures.
  • Various neck, back and spine surgeries

Every person is unique, which means every injury requires unique rehabilitation. We work with you to determine the right approach to restoring your health and mobility.

Get on the Road to Recovery

If you’re recovering from surgery, it’s time to start thinking about rehabilitation. Contact Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports injuries Clinic today at 905-455-4488 or visit our physical rehab center in Brampton, ON to learn more about our approach to assisting your full recovery.