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Do You Need Brampton Sports Injury Treatment for an Unhappy Triad?

October 23, 2017

Playing a sport recreationally or professionally is great exercise that is good for your health and wellbeing. However, in any sport there is the possibility for injury—like what’s known as the unhappy triad. If you do get injured during practice or a game, make sure to get yourself checked out... Read More

Anterior Labral Tears of the Shoulder

September 6, 2017

Unfortunately, injuries in sports are common. Our joints, tendons and bones just can’t handle the stress that vigorous activities place on them. These injuries are even more common when playing full contact sports like soccer or football. Whether it’s due to a nasty fall or just overuse, some of the... Read More

Four Tips for Sports Injury Prevention in Brampton

June 6, 2017

Unfortunately, playing a sport and being injured while playing that sport often seem to go hand in hand. This is especially true for extremely physical sports like soccer or football. Each time a player steps out onto the field or court, he or she assumes the risk of being injured.... Read More

Reasons to Seek Immediate Care for Acute Ankle Sprains

January 6, 2017

Of the many injuries that a person can experience, ankle sprains are a common one, especially among athletes. One wrong move can cause a person a lot of pain, but it is what they do after they sustain this injury that will determine how much it will affect them for... Read More

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