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Understanding the Importance of Baseline Testing After Sports Injuries in Brampton, ON

If you or someone you care about experiences a sports injury that could potentially affect their mental capacity, then of course the responsible thing to do is have them tested. But if there is no previously set bar to compare the new results against, how do you know if anything has truly changed?

This is where baseline testing comes in handy. Just as you would seek immediate medical attention for sports injuries in Brampton, ON, responsible coaches, players and their loved ones also ought to look into baseline testing before the competition begins. Here is an overview of what baseline testing, how it helps and how to seek it out.

What it is

The purpose of baseline testing can be determined just by understanding its name. The “baseline” refers to the average point of mental functioning for a given athlete. If you have ever taken an IQ test, you know that each person has their own level of mental capacity, and their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to memory, complex problem solving and other important areas.

A baseline test, then, determines what is “normal” for a person, before they experience any kind of head trauma. When done during the preseason, baseline testing can serve as a measure against which to test head injuries.

How it helps

Unfortunately, sports injuries in Brampton, ON can potentially have lifelong negative effects on an athlete’s mental functioning. But unless there is an unbiased measuring stick for each unique athlete, it is impossible to determine whether a concussion has any long-term influence on mental capacity—and how severe that influence actually is.

Testing a player’s memory, cognitive assessments and neuropsychological nature before the season provides such a benchmark, and ensures that each player is assessed in a way that is accurate to their own mental makeup. This in turn will help athletes know whether a concussion has truly affected them, and even help in settling legal disputes that arise from sports injuries in Brampton, ON.

Who and how often

Most physical therapy experts agree that all athletes age 10 and up should undergo baseline testing at the beginning of each new sports season. This ensures that the results are as accurate as possible, and can help track mental capacity over time.

You ought to always trust a registered physiotherapist with this important task, and should not hesitate to ask for proof of licensing and experience. This will ensure that the results are accurate, and can be counted on should a legal battle ensue.

Here to help

You cannot always control or prevent sports injuries in Brampton, ON. But thanks to baseline testing, you do have the power to ensure fair and accurate concussion assessment.

If you are a coach, athlete or concerned loved one interested in pursuing baseline testing, please get in touch with Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic anytime. We have been serving athletes, teams and athletic associations in the greater Brampton area since 2009, and have fully registered physiotherapists and massage therapists on staff.


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