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Hockey injuries that could require physical therapy in Brampton, CA

Hockey is a fun sport that combines healthy competition with great exercise. While the sport can be a good time, it does not come without its risks. Due to the physical demands and high contact level nature of the sport, injuries can be common. These injuries can range from very mild strains and bruises to more serious joint injuries. Some of the most common injuries related to hockey include:

  • Concussion: One of the most common injuries a hockey player can sustain is a concussion. Resulting from getting knocked in the head, a person may sustain a concussion without necessarily being knocked unconscious. Typical symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea and a general sense of unease. Though often mild, concussions can be quite severe and a medical professional should examine a person suspected of suffering from a concussion.
  • Back injuries: Because hockey necessitates a forward flexed position of skating, players are at risk for lower back injuries. Often these injuries occur due to hyperextension, but they may also occur slowly over time as a result of the repetitive motions associated with the sport.
  • Shoulder injuries: Shoulder ailments are among the most common hockey related injuries. Hockey is often a very physical sport and when a player connects with another player, the boards or the ice, he or she is at risk for separating a shoulder or a broken collar bone. These injuries can be extremely painful and require medical attention, including physical therapy in Brampton, CA.
  • Hip injuries: Soft tissue injuries are common when playing hockey. The sport requires a particular style of skating that can put a strain on hip flexors and groins. Additionally, direct contact may cause a hip pointed or even a trochanteric bursitis. By wearing proper equipment, including protective pads, you can reduce the risk of hip injuries from playing hockey.
  • Elbow injuries: When playing hockey, players often use their elbows, which may put them at risk for the development of bursitis. This results from recurrent inflammation in the area from scarred bursal tissue and it could require physical therapy in Brampton, CA, to repair.
  • Knee injuries: Combine the constant contact and the athletic vigor of hockey and you have a recipe for knee injuries. These injuries can be as mild as a slightly strain to something serious like a meniscus tear or a disruption of the anterior cruciate ligament. If you have a knee injury, you should consider a visit to a medical professional who can properly diagnose the extent of the injury and assist you with taking the necessary medical steps to address the issue.

To reduce the risk of injury, it is important to understand safety rules and to use proper equipment, including pads and helmets. However, even when players take all the necessary precautions, injuries might still occur. In those situations, it is important to visit a medical professional who can properly diagnose the injury and recommend a course of treatment, including rehabilitation. To learn more about sports injury treatment, contact Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic at 905-455-4488.


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