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Sports that can cause groin and shoulder sports injuries in Brampton, CA

Sports are a great way to engage in healthy competitive action as well as get in shape. However, they also pose a risk of injury. Not every sport is equally dangerous and many stress different areas of the body in unique ways.

When, for instance, an athlete tries to go “all out” in a sport without proper training and conditioning, he or she is more likely to sustain an injury. Additionally, when athletes are fatigued, they are more prone to mistakes and missteps, which may also result in an injury.

Among these injuries, shoulder and groin ones are often the most common as they can occur from overextension and physical contact. Athletes often suffer these injuries when playing the following sports:

  • Football: Football is one of the most active sports you can play, wrought with physical contact and muscular stress. Because of this, it puts its players at high risk for sports injuries in Brampton, CA, including groin and shoulder injuries. The reason why these injuries are so prevalent is that football maneuvers involves sudden flexion as well as tackles, which can be an extreme stress on these areas of the body.
  • Soccer: While soccer is considered much tamer than football, it nonetheless is one of the most grueling sports you can play. In a typical soccer game, a player will run several miles without much break. This can tax the system, making it more prone to injuries. Additionally, kicking a ball while running is somewhat of an unnatural motion. If a player is not in top shape or overextends his or her self, he or she may get hurt.
  • Basketball: Another high endurance sport is basketball, which involves more running than many realize. Additionally, when a player is dribbling or shooting a basketball, he or she is constantly flexing and extending the muscles all along the arms and shoulders. Repetitive motions can increase one’s risk for sports injuries in Brampton, CA.
  • Track and field: While any type of running can cause an injury, track is extra dangerous to athletes, especially when it involves hurdles. Sprinting combined with the act of jumping over obstacles requires a hyperextension of all of the muscles in a person’s body, and any misstep can result in an injury, including groin and shoulder injuries.
  • Hockey: One of the toughest sports an athlete can play is hockey. Physically demanding, perilous and often combative, this sport can give a physical beating to a body. From slipping on the ice to getting checked by an opponent, the opportunities for injury are numerous. Shoulder and groin sports injuries in Brampton, CA, are among the most common while playing hockey.

While athletes are at risk for groin and shoulder injuries, this should not discourage them from engaging in these activities. When taking necessary safety precautions and conditioning properly, the risk of injury is significantly diminished. To learn more about sports injuries or to be treated for an injury, contact Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic at 905-455-4488.


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