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Things to Avoid in Brampton After Your Concussion

Concussions are like hangovers; only time will “cure” them. Depending on the severity of the blow to your head, you may feel limitations and effects for several hours or many weeks. While this may test your patience, it is necessary to get enough rest in order to ensure your recovery. During this period of rehabilitation in Brampton, these are seven activities to avoid.

1. Physically demanding tasks

The leave you take from work to recover from a concussion is not the time to clean your garage, install bathroom tile or carry cement to redo your back patio. Your brain is an organ and when it is damaged, it requires energy to heal just like any other body part. Allow it to receive that healing by resting so it can have all the resources it needs to recover.

2. Mentally demanding tasks

Concussions also affect concentration and emotions. You may find you become frustrated more easily or simply cannot focus. Just like it is not time to perform heavy chores around the house, it is also not time to perform anything that demands excessive mental energy. Balancing your checkbook, studying an advanced concept or solving that nagging problem at work also need to be on your “do not do” list.

3. The sport that caused your concussion

Athletes can be a determined and stubborn group. Many wish to return to their beloved sport as soon as possible. Doing so can lead to long-term impacts and delay your recovery. Even if you do not suffer another blow to the head, the effort expended can still prevent you from fully healing. Until your doctor clears you, do not return to your sport.

4. Multi-task

It is not worth it to try multiple things at once. Even if you were the type of person who could read or study with the TV going in the background, that is likely less possible now that you sustained a brain injury. You will likely find it best that you just concentrate on one task at a time, rather than try to group multiple ones.

5. Visiting your favorite pub

Your injury is stressful and it is understandable if you wish to socialize. However, drinking while your brain is still in recovery is not going to help you. Not only will it slow your healing but you may find the effects of alcohol more dramatic, which leaves you vulnerable to further injury.

6. All-night web surfing sessions

A concussion will quickly remind you that using a computer takes a lot of brain power. Bright screens can also trigger migraines and stress out your brain functions, which will also lead to slower recovery. The same is true with video games—any sustained efforts spent in front of screens are not recommended early in recovery.

7. Riding roller coasters

Planning a trip to Disneyland or Six Flags? Cancel it. While roller coasters and other rides will not cause concussions in healthy uninjured people, being jostled around while you are recovering will do you harm. You can develop additional symptoms or injuries—including another concussion, as your brain is in a vulnerable state.

At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, we know that waiting for your concussion rehabilitation in Brampton to conclude can be frustrating. Let us help you during recovery so you can return to your favorite activities quicker.


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