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Baseline Concussion Testing: Why All Athletes Should Get One

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that result in a number of symptoms, including headache and loss of consciousness. They interfere with the brain’s normal function, which can have an effect on sleep patterns, memory, coordination, judgment, reflexes and balance. While they’re usually classified as “mild” TBIs, concussions can have serious and long-term effects if left untreated. Any athlete knows that playing sports comes with a risk of concussion—some sports more than others—but few know that taking a baseline concussion test in Brampton can dramatically help if they ever suffer from a TBI.

What is a baseline concussion test?

Baseline concussion tests are similar to concussion tests, in that they test the same areas—memory, concentration, coordination, judgment, reflexes and balance, among other qualities—but they’re administered by a professional before the sports season starts and/or any injuries are sustained.

Baseline testing in Brampton is useful because it provides doctors with a starting point to compare against if an athlete does sustain a TBI. In some cases, the tools and techniques will only be appropriate for athletes ages 10 and up.

If an athlete suffers from a concussion during the season, doctors will evaluate both test results to see where concussion symptoms might be present or especially prevalent. This allows doctors to make recommendations as to when the athlete can return to school, work and their sport. It also provides doctors with an opportunity to educate the athlete and/or their parents about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, when to seek emergency treatment and more.

Typically, doctors advise having a baseline concussion test performed every two years, but if the patient has already suffered a concussion or has a medical condition that could affect test results, they may be advised to perform a test more often.

What else can I do?

Obviously, no one wants to suffer a TBI, but if you’re playing a contact sport, you’re far more likely to have one than the average citizen. Doctors recommend that any athlete’s parents and/or family members, as well as teammates and coaches, be educated about the signs of concussion, risks involved in play, and how to treat a concussion until medical help can be secured.

Athletes should also take care to wear the appropriate safety gear, including but not limited to helmets. When you take all the necessary precautions, you lessen the chances of a TBI as well as the odds of suffering lasting effects.

Baseline concussion testing in Brampton

At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, we offer baseline concussion testing in Brampton to determine an athlete’s baseline cognitive function before any injuries are sustained. We’ve been serving the Brampton area since 2009, focusing on physiotherapy to help athletes and members of the public get back to their daily activities. Our team works with each individual to formulate a rehabilitation plan that’s right for them. Call us today to schedule your baseline concussion test, and take a critical first step toward protecting your health. We look forward to working with you.


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