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I Feel Better, So Why Do I Need to Keep Going to Physical Therapy?

“I’m feeling so much better! I really don’t think I need to come in for my physical therapy session this week.” At our sports injury clinic, we hear this a lot from our patients. We understand that you have a busy life, and that coming in regularly for help with physical therapy recovery in Brampton, ON can seem like a major disruption to your life, especially if you are feeling better.

However, your physical therapy regimen is designed specifically for you not only to ensure that your body heals, but that you obtain long-term full recovery. Skipping sessions or deciding to end your physical therapy treatment altogether can have dire consequences. If you are considering skipping physical therapy because you feel better, here are a few things you should know.

Delayed recovery

We understand that you are feeling much better, which is great! We would be concerned if you weren’t. However, feeling better means you are on your way to recovery—not that you are fully recovered. Skipping therapy sessions will delay your full recovery. What should have been a six-week process can become a 12-week process if you don’t stick to your therapy regimen.

Loss of strength

Physical therapy is designed to help you regain functionality, but also to help you rebuild your strength in a way that will not cause further damaged to an already injured area. Ideally, we like our patients to come out of therapy stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, not following through with your treatment the way it was designed can actually lead to loss of muscle strength and put you at risk for further injury.

Rely on drugs

Physical therapy is not only meant to heal, but it is meant to help reduce your pain in a natural way over time. If you skip physical therapy, you may find yourself reaching for painkillers more often, which can lead to unhealthy habits and only mask the problem. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and should not be ignored or covered up.

Deprive yourself

Skipping physical therapy will ultimately deprive you of achieving a full recovery. Our bodies are amazing, but while you may heal, you won’t achieve the level of strength, mobility and flexibility that you would if you stuck to your physical therapy plan.

At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, we understand that physical therapy can be a difficult journey, and once you start feeling better, you may be tempted to deviate from your treatment plan. We hope that understanding how skipping therapy can harm you in the long term will encourage you to stay the course of your treatment plan. Following through with your physical therapist’s treatment plan can help you achieve regained strength, flexibility, and range of motion for the long term. To learn more about our services or get the support and expertise you need for physical therapy recovery in Brampton, ON, call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you!


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