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How Physical Therapy Can Help Alleviate Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects millions of people around the world. The increase of computer usage over the past few decades, in particular, has led to a rise in the number of people who suffer from carpal tunnel, and the condition can be difficult to live with.

Over time, carpal tunnel can cause pain, stiffness, numbness and swelling. Many people turn to surgery or wrist braces to manage their symptoms day after day, but another carpal tunnel treatment in Brampton may be able to help.

Understanding carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel occurs when the median nerve, the main nerve in the wrist, gets compressed in the “carpal,” or tunnel on the palm side of the wrist. Compression is typically a result of repeated movement, such as typing on a computer or using hand tools.

Carpal tunnel tends to get progressively worse over time, with symptoms appearing and worsening with more repeated movement. There are many signs to watch out for, including numbness and burning sensations, weakness in the wrists, pain or aching and cramping in the hands. You may also be more likely to lose your grip or drop things.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can help minimize your symptoms without bulky braces or invasive surgery.

Physical therapy for carpal tunnel

At-home exercises and physical therapy are easy and effective ways to manage your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. By stretching and exercising your wrists and hands, you may be able to reduce swelling, stiffness and pain. Additionally, carpal tunnel often results in decreased hand strength, so physical therapy can help you build your strength back up so your hands and wrists are fully functional again.

Physical therapists are experts in movements of the body and can help work you through exercises or teach you movements to do at home that will help ease your symptoms, strengthen your body and actively guard against future issues.

A physical therapy carpal tunnel treatment in Brampton may include exercises designed to mobilize carpal bone, stretch the muscles and tissues in your wrists, strengthen your forearm and fingers and improve strength, endurance and range of motion.

In addition, a physical therapist can give you advice on how to sit and use your wrists and hands to minimize stress on the wrists and reduce pain. These tips can help you greatly as you learn how to manage your condition day-to-day.

Of course, some forms of carpal tunnel will be too severe to rectify through stretches and exercise alone. If your carpal tunnel is severe enough to require surgery, a physical therapist can help you recover and regain strength and control of your wrists, as well.

Visit a physical therapist today for carpal tunnel treatment in Brampton

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