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A Few Naturopathic Vitamins that can Benefit Your Body

Do you wake up every day and think to yourself, “I feel good, but I think I could feel better?” This is a common thought among people—whether you’ve got a small ache that won’t go away or you’re just more tired than you think you should be after a good night’s sleep.

The sad fact is that in today’s day and age, it’s actually easier to feel sick than it is to feel healthy! With so many different pathogens floating around out there, so many abysmal food choices to pick from and the rampant, unhealthy lifestyles that so many people assume, feeling your best might not actually mean that you’re feeling good!

To this end, it’s important to identify some of the things that your lifestyle and your body may be lacking—things that are essential for good health, yet might not be as readily available to you as you might think. Thankfully, such things as naturopathic vitamins in Brampton actually exist, to ensure that no matter what, your body is getting what it needs to function fluidly:

  • Vitamin D12 shots: Vitamins are crucial for our body because they facilitate the different processes that are occurring within us on a daily basis, from the digestion of our foods to the clotting of our blood when we’re wounded. Vitamin D12 is one of these necessary vitamins and it serves a great number of purposes within our bodies—unfortunately, it’s a vitamin that not many people are getting enough of. Vitamin D12 deficits in your body primarily lead to lightheadedness and lethargy, as well as issues clotting and severe weight loss—symptoms that also have their own repercussions if not addressed appropriately.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is a naturally occurring metal that comes to our bodies through a variety of meats within our regular diets—however if you have a special diet or choose not to eat certain foods, you might be depriving yourself of this necessary material. Magnesium deficiencies could lead to severe headaches, frailness and muscle cramps, with other side effects that vary on a person-to-person basis. Taking a magnesium supplement will help you to obtain the right amount of this substance in your diet, without having to adjust what you eat.
  • Iron: Like magnesium, iron is an essential part of your body’s regular function and is used throughout the body to promote good health. Most notably, iron is used to maintain a higher concentration of oxygen within your red blood cells, promoting overall better muscle health and circulation. A lack of iron can result in lightheadedness, anemia and issues clotting.

These are just a few things that many people are missing from their regular diets—on the flip side of this, there are also things that are now too frequently a part of our lives today: things that might hinder our ability to feel healthy. The biggest of these, is sugar.

Refined sugar and other processed sugars have created huge health problems for people in all walks of life—simply because sugar is added to almost every processed food we eat today. To make matters worse, our bodies aren’t built to process complex sugars as easily as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, meaning that they build up and exist in our systems for longer.

The best way to reduce the amount of sugar in your body and take the next best step towards a lifestyle that focuses on wellness, is to cut your processed sugar intake by as much as possible, replacing processed sugars (polysaccharides) with natural sugars, like those found in fruits (monosaccharides). Doing this and supplementing your body with some of the essential naturopathic vitamins in Brampton listed above will have you feeling better than your best in no time at all!


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