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Virtual Physiotherapy

How We Treat

All of our Physiotherapists are specially trained and certified in the Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT). This higher level of training enables the clinician to assess for the mechanical cause of your pain and/or dysfunction. By asking you to repeat movements and describe your pain, MDT clinicians are able to diagnose your condition by the way your muscles, bones, and ligaments respond to the movement. After the diagnosis, your therapist will empower you with a treatment plan to eliminate your pain and get you back to your activity.

Ergonomic Consultations and Pain Relief

Ergonomics deals with the design of the workplace to maximise productivity by reducing your discomfort and fatigue. Because physiotherapists are knowledgeable in the areas of anatomy, physiology and psychology, they are well equipped to perform ergonomic assessments and treat injuries through physiotherapy. Given the current economic conditions many individuals are working from home. Creative home office spaces can contribute significantly to new and recurring pain and strain.carpal tunnel,is the most common type of injury sustained.

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What do I Need for my Virtual Physiotherapy Session?

Virtual Physiotherapy Benefits

We highly value the face-to-face interactions with our patients. However, when in-person sessions are not feasible, research suggests that video physiotherapy is a viable alternative. Not only do you receive care from the comfort of your own home, but it also allows your physiotherapist to adapt your home program specifically to your home environment on the spot. It also encourages more active partnership from patients with their therapist towards specific rehabilitation goals.

Preparing for your online session:

You will receive an intake package prior to your appointment, which you can complete before your session. This will provide details that are helpful for your physiotherapist to review beforehand such; as identifying the area of concern, previous treatments you may have had, and your past medical history. While you do not need a doctor’s referral to participate in physiotherapy treatment, you can provide this if you have one along with any relevant test results or medical documents you may have available. The intake package also provides information for our administrative team to help with processing your claim. This may include your contact details, extended health benefits information, or claim numbers if this is in regards to a workplace injury or motor vehicle accident. You may also want to check with your benefits plan, as some extended health plans do require a physician’s referral to be reimbursed.


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