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Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises You Can Do During Quarantine

Are you struggling with dizziness or vertigo? Visiting a doctor during quarantine might be a challenge, but there are some vestibular rehab exercises in Brampton that you can try at home. Use the following vertigo exercises to restore balance to your life.

Simple vertigo therapy in Brampton

Before you begin any vestibular rehab exercises, be sure you are in a safe environment. Do not complete vertigo therapy in Brampton if you are at risk of falling. Additionally, you should start slow with vertigo exercises. As your dizziness diminishes with repeated exercise over time, you can increase the number and speed of your exercises. To get started, try these simple techniques:

  • Eye exercises: While in a sitting or lying position, move your eyes up and down and from side to side. Then try focusing on your finger as you move it from three feet in front of your face to one foot away.
  • Shoulder exercises: While sitting, shrug your shoulders and create circular movements with them.
  • Bending exercises: While in a seated position, bend from side to side to pick up objects from the ground. Then try bending forward to pick something up off the ground.
  • Throwing exercises: While standing, toss a ball from one hand to the other, above eye level. Then, throw it from one hand to the other under your knee.
  • Walking exercises: Try walking up and down a slope and up and down steps.

Brandt-Daroff exercise

These vestibular rehab exercises in Brampton attempt to correct the position of crystals in the inner ear. Start by sitting on the edge of your bed. Then turn your head 45 degrees to the left. Next, quickly lie down on your right side (the part of your head behind your right ear should touch the bed). Remain in this position for 30 seconds. If the movement made you dizzy, stay in this position until the symptoms pass. Then, return to a seated position and repeat these steps on the opposite side. Complete three repetitions for each side, two to three times a day.

Gaze stabilization exercise

This exercise is designed to help you focus on a stationary object while moving your head. Start by staring straight ahead while seated, focusing on a letter at eye level. Then, turn your head side to side while remaining focused on the letter. Slowly increase the speed of your head movement, keeping the letter in focus. Slow down if you get too dizzy. Try to do this exercise for 10 seconds the first time, and continue to build your endurance up to one minute by repeating the process three to five times each day. You can also work up to doing this in a standing position.

Learn more

For more information on vertigo therapy in Brampton, contact the team at Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic. Our treatment approach incorporates education, exercise, manual therapy, modalities and acupuncture, in order to effectively reintegrate individuals into sports and regular activities of daily life. We are your go-to source for any questions about vertigo exercises in Brampton. Contact us today.


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