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The Role of Deep Tissue Massage in Athlete Recovery

Most athletes have a series of warm-up exercises and stretches they do, as well as a cool-down regimen that helps their bodies recover from the stress of exercise and prevents injuries. However, many athletes, especially those recovering from sports injuries, could also benefit from regular massages as part of their athlete recovery in Brampton. Read on to learn more about the benefits of regular deep tissue massages for athletes:

  • Reduces inflammation: One great benefit of massage for athlete recovery in Brampton is that it reduces inflammation, which is common in sports injuries. Regular massages help keep muscles healthy and energetic, rather than inflamed. When you exercise, your muscles experience trauma and inflammation, which need to be healed afterward. That healing requires a lot of energy. Massages help provide this energy by activating its release through the creation of mitochondria.
  • Increases flexibility: Regular massages can help increase range of motion and flexibility, which is especially important if injury or stress has caused a reduction in mobility. It works by increasing the blood flow to the muscle tissues and fascia. The increased circulation relieves muscle tension and helps muscles recover faster.
  • Prevents injury: Perhaps the most important benefit of regular massages for athletes is that it can help prevent further injury. Like stretching, it prepares and helps the body recover from exercise and strenuous movement. Massages help reduce inflammation, increase range of motion and increase flexibility, all of which reduce the risk of injury. Many athletes’ injuries result from tense muscles, which can be remedied through massage.
  • Reduces pain: For athletes in recovery from an injury, they may experience a lot of pain during physical therapy or outside of physical therapy. An important part of athlete recovery in Brampton is a reduction of pain so enhanced movement is possible. Reducing inflammation through massage also reduces pain. The mitochondria produced during the massage helps supply the body with more energy, which supports healing.
  • Relaxes the body and mind: An underrated benefit of massages is the powerful sense of relaxation it can create. Massages activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and rest. Letting go of stress is essential to healing. Plus, the state of being in a relaxed state enhances focus, which will improve performance. In fact, it will boost your overall performance once your athlete recovery in Brampton is complete so you can be the best at what you love to do.

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