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The Most Common Brampton Sports Injuries

Whether you’re an all-star athlete or just someone involved in recreational sports, there’s a chance for injury looking you in the face each time you step out onto your respective playing field. Even with all of the proper exercise, training and conditioning, playing a sport takes a toll on the human body and in some circumstances we’re just not prepared to deal with that strain. Here are a few of the most common Brampton sports injuries that befall even the best athletes:

Plantar Fascitis: In sports that involve constant running, especially running over uneven surfaces or different textured surfaces, Plantar Fascitis can become a major concern. This ailment is brought on by excessive strain on the feet and usually presents symptoms that include sharp pains on the arch of the foot. Plantar Fascitis is more than just a few days of agony from stepping the wrong way: this ailment can stick with a person, increasing in pain over time and developing into a more serious affliction if left untreated. Trust us, this is one of those Brampton sports injuries that you’re going to want to have looked at if you plan on continuing in your sport.

Sprained Ankles: Working our way up from the foot, another one of the most common Brampton sports injuries involves a crucial part of our everyday locomotion: the ankle. Ankles are notoriously fragile, even in the most toned athletes and one wrong move on an ankle that’s not properly adjusted can leave you on the ground with sharp, shooting pains. It’s best not to put pressure on the injury and instead, elevate and ice it until proper medical attention can be administered.

Hamstring Pulls: The hamstring is one of the most relied upon clusters of tendons in the human body, when you run jump, sit or stand idly, you’re relying on your hamstring to do its job. Not coincidentally, hamstring pulls are also one of the most frequent strains that athletes experience because so much stress is put on this area of the body. Stretching before any physical activity will help to reduce the strain on this vital bodily component and help players avoid a pull.

Tennis Elbow: In sports that involve throwing or excessive motion of the arms, it can be easy for players to strain their elbows. Tennis elbow, as it’s regularly called, is a condition that exhibits chronic pain in the elbow, sometimes leaving it inflamed. Tennis elbow can be addressed with ice and heat to reduce swelling and finesse joints into moving normally again. It’s a minor condition if properly rested, however those who choose to persist through the pain could wind up with more serious Brampton sports injuries as a result.

Remember to always stretch and practice good form while playing your favorite sport to mitigate your chances of encountering one of these common sports injuries. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an injury, be smart: rest the injury, rehabilitate properly and check with a sports physician before getting back in the game.


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