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The Benefits of Advanced Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy, a type of treatment also referred to as orthopedic manual therapy, is a category of physical therapy that involves hands-on methods of improving range of motion and flexibility in stiff muscles and joints, while also decreasing pain. Some of the tactics used in this type of therapy include manipulation, mobilization, stretching and various soft tissue techniques. The idea behind advanced manual therapy in Brampton is to restore movement, power and comfort to all affected joints and muscles.

The methods of manual physical therapy used for a patient will depend on the patient’s current movement patterns, and the range of motion issues they’re experiencing. Practitioners are careful not to let the patient overcompensate, as this can prevent healing.

This process differs a bit from the field of orthopedics, which is primarily associated for caring for people with disorders or musculoskeletal problems.

Why advanced manual therapy?

There is a wide variety of benefits associated with manual physical therapy, particularly for patients with disabilities or orthopedic conditions. Numerous studies indicate manual physical therapy tactics can work in conjunction with therapeutic exercise to provide faster pain relief and improved function, while resolving issues such as pain in the neck, lower back and shoulders, as well as headaches caused by tension in the muscles and conditions such as osteoarthritis (most commonly in the knees and hips).

These benefits don’t just affect the joints, ligaments and muscles. Over time, the benefits of manual physical therapy can extend to the peripheral and central nervous systems.

If a patient were to come in for an appointment with their therapist and say they were experiencing pain in the hip, the therapist could show them some specific exercises that will help them decrease their pain, and to get some of their systems functional again. However, chances are the hip will still feel restricted, even with regular practice of those exercises. This could be the result of overactive muscles, a tight nerve that isn’t working properly, a tight hip capsule or simply poor motor control.

The situation can be improved, though, if the therapist supplements those at-home exercise regimens with advanced manual therapy. If the therapist mobilizes the patient’s hip, that further addresses the problem and will likely result in them feeling better faster than if they were to just try to exercise and stretch the area on their own.

For therapists that do practice advanced manual therapy, it is important to use appropriate amounts of force at all times. There is not as much force needed for many types of manual physical therapy as one might expect. The result in most cases is actually better when the focus is on precision rather than force, and directly targets the weakened or pained area.

If you’re interested in learning more about the field of advanced manual therapy in Brampton, we encourage you to contact the therapists at Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic with any questions you have for us. We’d be happy to provide you with additional information!


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