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Stretch to Prevent an Injury

It’s well known that stretching before a workout can help you prevent muscle damaged and ensure that your workout is safe and productive. While scientific studies looking at the efficacy of stretching are mixed, stretching still has a number of widely accepted health benefits. Each time that you begin to exercise, you should engage in a stretch session. This will help you make the most of your workout and allow you to push your muscles to their fullest possible potential.

Working with a Brampton physiotherapist is a great way to identify stretching methods that are best suited for your body and your specific needs. It’s always advisable to seek advice from a qualified professional prior to engaging in serious exercise. There are a number of simple stretches, however, that are perfect for nearly any type of workout warm-up. Here are some of the most effective warm-up stretches you can perform to help you make your workout session more productive and safe:

  • Start with jumping jacks: One of the first stretches you can engage in is simple and easy: jumping jacks. This will elevate your heart rate and begin stretching out your leg and arm muscles. This will help loosen your body.
  • Engage in crossover jumping jacks: After a few sets of jumping jacks, start performing crossover jumping jacks. This will activate different muscles in your body, and allow you to continue elevating your heart rate. Because the heart is also a muscle, it’s important to allow it to “stretch” before engaging in serious exercise, as well.
  • Rotate your core: Next, stand with your legs spread wide apart, and begin rotating your core, holding your hands together out in front of you and slowly swinging them from side to side. This will allow you to stretch muscles in your stomach, back and chest. This exercise is extremely important.
  • Alternate legs: Lie down on your side and slowly lift one leg and rotate it in small circles over your body. After several sets, switch sides and begin rotating your other leg. This will allow you to stretch your body and ensure that your thigh muscles are ready for more serious workout efforts.
  • Lunges: Begin by performing simple, basic lunges, alternating after sets of three. After a while, you should begin complicating the exercise. Begin performing crossover lunges. Be sure to keep your arms raised out in front of your body throughout the entire duration of the exercise.

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