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Sports Physiotherapy and its Role on the Sidelines

There is no denying the fact that sports injuries in Brampton happen. With so much on the line—a player’s health, team moral and the outcome of the contest—it is important to incorporate sports physiotherapy on the sidelines.

A primary benefit of sports physiotherapy is that it goes hand in hand with sport psychology. The advances and increased acceptance of physiotherapy in sports has allowed more and more people to make a successful return to their chosen sport or activity more quickly and efficiently than in the past.

Quick attention

Sports physiotherapy also has been valuable in reducing stress and pain that all too frequently can occur with physical trauma and preventing future injuries. Other benefits that sports physiotherapy can yield are that a physiotherapist can greatly assist in the healing of musculoskeletal health issues. This often is because he or she can properly demonstrate a wide variety of exercises that will better assist and aid in increasing an athlete’s strength, range of motion, endurance, as well as speed the healing process and reduce the pain and swelling.

One of the most common injuries suffered on the playing field is a pulled or torn hamstring. Healthy and functioning hamstrings are vital in participating in daily activities like jumping, walking, running and controlling trunk movement. A pulled hamstring is common in sports that require a lot of sprinting and explosive activity like football, rugby, soccer or baseball, making it even more essential to have a physiotherapist on the sidelines.

Earning trust on the sidelines

If a team does incorporate a physiotherapist on the sidelines for its games, it is imperative that the coaches value and trust his or her opinion when it comes to evaluating a player’s health and injury status. With anything, however, trust is not simply built over night. Trust is earned, and that certainly is the case for team appointed physiotherapists.

When a player or athlete is under the impression that the coaching staff has trust with its physiotherapist, that player will have increased confidence because he or she will know that the team and physiotherapist have his or her best intentions in mind.

Sports physiotherapists also are very well versed in assisting individuals who suffer from cardiopulmonary issues by helping improve their endurance and breathing, which will help them lead a higher quality life.

Helping in every facet

In addition to treating sports-related injuries, a great number of sports physiotherapists also are able to treat neurological disorders, such as curable palsy, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Research studies have also shown that sports physiotherapy can help reduce the effects of bleeding into joints that potentially could lead to surgery or permanent damage. If surgery is needed, physiotherapy can be applied to speed up the post-surgery recovery process.

While sports injuries in Brampton are sure to occasionally happen, there is no reason why a player should not be given the opportunity to fully recover in the most efficient manner possible.


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