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Seek Physiotherapy in Brampton for Chronic Pain Symptoms and Associated Problems

Pain is a part of life, but persistent pain does not have to be something you live with. Ultimately, you know your body best. Providing something feels off or something is not quite right, take note of all your symptoms and go see your doctor. After an evaluation, if you are showing chronic pain symptoms, your physician may refer you to a clinic for physiotherapy in Brampton—your ailment could require a form of physical rehabilitation.

Common causes of chronic pain

When it comes to chronic pain, just because you’re not alone doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Maybe you were injured in an auto accident, hurt while playing a contact sport, grind your teeth hard at night or have been diagnosed with a debilitating neurological condition. Even everyday tasks can cause physical pain. One example might be poor posture from sitting at a desk all day without stretching or taking a walk during breaks.

Chronic pain symptoms

Chronic physical pains like severe headaches or joint problems associated with weakened muscles, strained or sprained tendons, ligaments or other connective tissues are common in many injury cases—so are pains that tend to trouble other parts of the body:

  • Lingering pain: After an injury, illness or even surgery, pain should not linger beyond doctors’ expectations. If you continue to feel out of the ordinary and mild to severe pain continues for extended periods of time, then you are experiencing lingering pains.
  • Sudden pain: Sudden, yet reoccurring pain includes aching or burning sensations, startling shooting or stabbing pain, an electrical feeling and various levels of tingling that do not go away. These are the types of pains that can make you flinch like you’ve just been poked by a hot needle.
  • Consistent pain: Temporary soreness, tenderness, discomfort and tight or stiff muscles or joints are not unusual after physical trauma—such as an accident, surgery or even general physical therapy—but these symptoms shouldn’t be semi-permanent. A physiotherapist can reevaluate your condition.

Problems caused by chronic physical pains

Chronic physical pain can result in a number of different problems, none of which you’ll want to ignore. Some common effects of chronic physical pain include:

  • Overall fatigue: Carrying around chronic pain can burden you with extreme mental or physical tiredness, and motivation has been known to decline.
  • Trouble sleeping: Unfortunately, when you’re in pain, finding a comfortable position in bed, falling asleep and staying asleep are all difficult tasks. Sleeplessness is a huge problem among persistent pain sufferers.
  • A weakened immune system: It’s a chain reaction—physical or mental pain contributes a great deal to repeat illness or infections. Your quality of life may suffer due to chronic pain.
  • Mood changes: A short temper or impatience may come out when pain is present. Body pains have a way of changing your mood in a bad way, which is not completely unreasonable considering the fact that you hurt. But if it’s depression, get help before it—and the pain—worsens.
  • Inability to work or perform normal activities: Immense pain can keep you in bed. You may be unable to physically get to your office, and even if you do, you might lack the ability to focus on your work because all you’re thinking about is how much pain you’re in.

At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, we are here to help you. If you are experiencing chronic pain symptoms, contact us for beneficial physiotherapy in Brampton.


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