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Prescription Drugs for Chronic Back Pain in Brampton, ON: Are They Worth the Risk?

If you suffer from severe chronic back pain in Brampton, ON, then you know that on those especially bad days, you would probably do just about anything for relief. And the problem is as widespread as it is serious: according to the National Institute of Health, about 19 percent of Canadian adults suffer from some form of chronic pain.

Not surprisingly, many of those people turn to heavy-duty prescription drugs for regular relief. For some, these drugs are a godsend, allowing them to easily cope with the pain. For others, the drugs are a necessary evil, rendering them drowsy and foggy but also offering much needed pain relief. But for all too many, prescription drugs can be the gateway to some seriously bad side effects, and not just the medical kind. Here is a look at the risks prescription painkillers pose, and an alternative path to dealing with chronic back pain in Brampton, ON.

Know the downsides

Ultimately, the decision of how to deal with your chronic back pain is up to you. But before choosing prescription pills, you ought to at least have all the information.

Prescription painkillers, particularly those of the opioid variety, have the potential to be highly addictive. Many people start taking the drugs as an innocent attempt to relieve pain, and eventually become addicted without even fully realizing it. Many prescription drug addicts find themselves lying to family members, friends and doctors about their struggles. The withdrawal symptoms can be highly painful, and may even result in death. Death and hospitalization for prescription drug overdoses are also on the rise.

Even if you do not become addicted to your opioid painkillers, they will likely leave you in a hazy fog whenever you take them. You will not be able to properly focus on work, family or much of anything, and your life will be split between painful alertness and pain-free grogginess.

Another way

Whether you have never used prescription drugs to treat your chronic back pain, or you are a former user looking for a healthier alternative, the solution might be in your very own neighborhood. Physical therapists and massage therapists often use a combination of massage, acupuncture and healthy lifestyle tips to achieve extremely positive results.

Pursuing this route will not be as easy or immediately gratifying as taking prescription pills. But the risks are much lower, and the potential reward—pain relief without the mental fogginess—is much higher. With everything to gain and little to lose, more and more chronic pain sufferers are turning to this more holistic approach.

Help is available

If you are interested in trying out a safe, healthy and long-term approach to easing chronic back pain in Brampton, ON, then we invite you to get in touch with the team at Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic. We have helped many clients make big strides in reducing their chronic pain and lessening their dependence on prescription painkillers. We look forward to also helping you change your life for the better.


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