Physiotherapy in Brampton, ON

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy in Brampton is a health care profession focused on assessing biomechanical and physical dysfunction and specializes in restoring and maintaining proper physical function.

Physiotherapists are highly trained in the anatomy of the human body and ideal biomechanics of human movement. Physiotherapists have a thorough understanding of proper body functioning and are specialized in identifying and treating dysfunction to improve overall health and movement while relieving signs and symptoms, such as pain and inflammation.

Physiotherapists actively work with individuals providing them with a specific exercise program tailored to their needs based on area of injury, posture, employment and activities of daily living. All Physiotherapists must complete a four year undergraduate university degree with honors, followed by a two year Masters degree in Physiotherapy. All physiotherapists must be licensed and maintain good standing with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and their provincial Physiotherapy association. Physiotherapists regularly work in close relations with family physicians to ensure that patients get ideal health care services and are often the rehabilitation service of choice by family physicians.

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