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Knowing Your Limits: Brampton Sports Injury Rehab

As an athlete, suffering a traumatic injury can be a devastating blow to not only your body, but to your pride as well. After surgery or intense physical therapy, it can be tempting for an athlete to have a chip on their shoulder: wanting to get back in the game as soon as possible with a mission to prove that they’re back and better than ever. And while this determination is admirable, it should be noted that there’s a certain road to full recovery that needs to be taken into account. Before a player can take the field by storm and showcase their talents once again, they’re going to need to go through Brampton sports injury rehab.

Rehab ensures that a player who has suffered an injury receives the proper care and attention that they need to heal properly. Imagine a faucet that has developed a leak: if you simply put a piece of tape over the leak, it may stop it in the short term, but before too long, the leak is going to grow bigger and become more of a problem. Unlike a leaky faucet, however, you can’t just replace a broken leg, torn labrum or fractured collar bone, these things need to be mended properly if they’re ever going to be close to what they were before the injury.

The first step down the road to Brampton sports injury rehab is developing a program that’s tailored to meet the needs of a healing player. Someone with a fractured collarbone is going to have a very different regimen than someone recovering from a torn MCL. Physiotherapists in Brampton are trained to understand the needs of different injury recoveries and will be able to commit the necessary knowledge to creating a rehab plan that specifically addresses these needs.

After a regimen is developed, it’s important that a player focuses on their rehab and strengthens the recovering injury. A great example comes from people who have suffered a torn ACL: while the injury can heal over time, it must be stretched very carefully and worked back into shape so that it doesn’t heal rigidly. Unless the ACL is conditioned for movement slowly, players may find themselves with the same injury sooner rather than later because they pushed their body too hard, too fast.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to keep the workload light on the playing field once a player completes Brampton sports injury rehab. While they may be cleared for playing time by a physician, there are still elements of a sport that may be new to a recovering injury. Swinging a bat, throwing a ball or running for extended periods of time have to be slowly introduced to an athlete, or they run the risk of putting excessive strain on their former injury right out of the gate.

For the best results after an injury and the healthiest route back to the field, it’s best to visit Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports injuries Clinic for Brampton sports injury rehab.


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