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Important Steps to Take During Post Surgery Rehab in Brampton to Help with Knee Injury Recovery

Recovering from any type of surgery can put a strain on the body and mind. The brain may be ready to go, while the body is not yet able to function as it did before the surgical procedure. One such physical ailment that may require surgery is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, a common knee injury seen in athletes who play contact or high-endurance sports. Severe ACL sprains and ACL tears are painful, oftentimes sending athletes to physical therapy or rehabilitation, whether the knee underwent surgery or not.

For those people with ACL injuries, it’s crucial to begin treatment and therapy as soon as possible. Here are a few important steps you should follow during post surgery rehab in Brampton to help with knee injury recovery.

Reduce pain and swelling

The first goal on your list should be to get rid of pain an inflammation brought about after surgery; otherwise, you will have great difficulty rehabbing the injured knee. Understand that pain and swelling can cause the muscles around your knee to stop working, especially in the quadriceps, and even the smallest amount of fluid in the joint can limit quad contraction. If you can’t bend your knee, it’ll be hard to walk properly and your range of motion will likely be limited.

To lessen pain and inflammation, apply ice, use compression wraps, elevate the leg and employ any other remedies suggested by your doctor.

Regain knee motion

Full knee extension is a very necessary key to post surgery rehab in Brampton following an ACL injury. Pain and swelling may still be present, but you don’t want to hold your knee in a bent position for too long, because this risks the development of scar tissue. Seek proper rehabilitation—like manual therapy and doing stretching exercises at home—to avoid loss of motion.

Keep up patella mobility

The patella, also called the kneecap, can reduce the range of motion of a knee because it too loses mobility after injury. The kneecap is needed for full knee flexion and extension, but it cannot do this when swollen and in pain. Your rehab professional will know how to reinstate patellar mobility.

Take control of quad muscles

As mentioned, your quad muscles, which are around the knee, may shut down to cope with pain, swelling and inflammation. Post surgery, a specialist might use neuromuscular electrical stimulation to help restore quadricep strength, range of motion and function, while also implementing appropriate exercises.

Work toward walking like before

Your ultimate goal is to be able to walk independently again, free of crutches, a walker or other assistance, but you must follow the aforementioned steps if you want your knee to get back to normal. Listen to your physician and physical therapist, and don’t give up on your rehab treatment.

An ACL injury should never be ignored. Dismissing the pain and your inability to participate in sports and normal daily activities can lead to further issues. To learn more about post surgery rehab in Brampton for a serious knee injury, call the team at Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic today!


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