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How To Identify And Treat Whiplash Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even the smallest motor vehicle accident can have huge effects on our bodies. Imagine, you’re driving along slowly, not going more than a few kilometers per hour, when all of the sudden another car hits you from behind, causing your whole body to shake violently for a moment. This is called whiplash and while it may seem like a quick jolt to your system, the repercussions of whiplash far outlast the moment when it occurs, leaving you with lingering side effects that are unpleasant to say the least.

It’s quite simple for a trained physiotherapist to identify a bad case of whiplash and recommend the proper motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton, but that’s only if someone suffering has made it a point to seek help. Far too common, people simply try to shake off what they believe is just shock and go about their daily lives ignoring the pain in their neck and back that’s a clear sign of whiplash trauma. Instead, what they should be doing is checking for signs of whiplash and identifying the extent of their injury so that it can be treated and properly resolved by a professional.

Whiplash occurs because our bodies are jolted violently when they’re not prepared. Generally, if you can see that you’re about to have your body shaken or tossed around, like on a rollercoaster, your body will tighten its muscles and you will be able to predict the shocks that jostle you around. Because most auto accidents are unseen before they happen, your body has no time to prepare itself, thus causing you to shake around without any support from your muscles. Often times, to make matters worse, the motions that you’re being put through are violent whipping motions from side to side, hence the name whiplash.

Whiplash injuries will leave your neck and back extremely sore, without much prospect of them getting better, unless of course you seek proper motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton. A trained physiotherapist will be able to pinpoint which muscles and joints have been most effected by whiplash and help you to release the tension in these areas properly, as to alleviate the strain and stress being put on them. Often times, stress reducing exercises can be performed to ensure that the built up tension in these sensitive areas is mitigated, allowing your resistance to pain to be built back up and any damages done to shock these parts of your body to be reversed.

For many people who experience a car accident and forgo the necessary whiplash rehabilitation, this event can be a life changing experience. It may just seem like the pain will eventually recede and you’ll be able to carry on with your life as usual, but often times, this is sadly not the case. Whiplash is a problem that only gets worse with time, so tackling it as soon as possible is a necessity for anyone hoping to live stress-free after an auto accident. Remember, the best way to do this is to talk to a trained physiotherapist and seek motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton.


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