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How to Choose the Best Physiotherapist for You!

We spend a lot of time scrolling through online menus to choose the best option for food delivery on a Tuesday night, or spend hours browsing clothing racks trying to put together the perfect outfit for date night. But when it comes to the really important things, like choosing a physiotherapist, we tend to choose the first option we come across. Why? Because we feel like we don’t know enough about the subject to make an informed decision.

While you may not be a doctor and have no idea what a “scapula” is (it’s your shoulder blade, by the way), that doesn’t mean you can’t become an expert on choosing a physiotherapist for yourself. If you are searching for a physiotherapist in Brampton, ON, here’s what you need to know.

Ask for recommendations

As with any big decision, the best place to start is by asking for recommendations. While there are pros and cons to this process, it is usually a good way to start. If you know someone who went through physical therapy, ask them who they went to and what they did or did not like about the experience. Your primary care physician is also a good source of information. Just keep in mind that your primary care physician will most likely recommend a qualified physiotherapist that they are used to working with, and not necessarily the one that’s right for you.

Do some research

A little preliminary research can go a long way in your search for a physiotherapist. It’s important that you have a basic understanding of your injury as well as an idea of the types of treatment options and strategies available. While you may come out of this process with more questions than answers, at least you know what to ask or look for when you meet with a physiotherapist in person. Asking informed questions is always a good way to get to know a specialist better.

Not all physiotherapists are the same

Physiotherapists have expertise in different areas and use different treatment strategies. For example, some physiotherapists may favor passive modalities such as massage as part of their treatment strategy, while others may favor a vigorous exercise routine. Ultimately, your physiotherapist will work with you to design a treatment plan to meet your needs, but knowing their area of expertise upfront can help you narrow your search.

Don’t be afraid to look elsewhere

If you decide on a physiotherapist and you aren’t connecting or the treatment isn’t going well, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. While any healing process takes time and you need to be consistent, if you are not feeling good about the relationship or are not making any progress, you can consider other options.

If you’re in search of a physiotherapist in Brampton, ON, keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that you get a physiotherapist and a treatment plan that is right for you. In your search, be sure to reach out to us and see what Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic has to offer!


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