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How Orthotics Can Help Relieve Pain

If you’re suffering from foot, knee or hip pain, orthotic inserts in Brampton may be a good solution. This innovation can relieve pain and make your days more comfortable and convenient.

If you’re not familiar with orthotic inserts in Brampton, here’s the FAQ. This guide will help you determine whether orthotic inserts could work for you. For more information, contact your local physiotherapy experts.

What are orthotic inserts?

Orthotic inserts in Brampton are custom devices that are inserted in your shoes. They are designed to address issues that cause pain and discomfort.

What is the purpose of orthotic inserts?

Orthotic inserts manage proper weight distribution and alignment in your footwear. For example, if you have flat feet, orthotic inserts can provide the support that your feet lack in order to reduce the pain and make movement easier. They create a natural alignment for your body.

Do orthotic inserts relieve pain?

When used to provide better support and proper alignment, orthotic inserts in Brampton can help relieve pain. Improper alignment can cause pain in the feet, knees, hip and back, so making adjustments to this alignment with inserts can take away this pain. The inserts can assist with a variety of painful conditions.

Orthotic inserts can treat foot problems such as flat feet or high arches. They can also relieve pain related to heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), metatarsalgia, bunions and hammertoes.

Additionally, orthotic inserts can be used to help treat knee, hip and back problems. They reduce pressure and stress on the entire body, which relieves pain from bottom to top. Even symptoms from chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and diabetes can be alleviated with the use of orthotic inserts.

How are orthotic inserts different from other treatments?

Orthotic inserts don’t mask the problem. Often, pain medications don’t treat the issue at hand, but instead allow your brain to ignore the pain. This can allow a condition to worsen while you continue to operate your body in an unhealthy manner. Orthotic inserts don’t alter your mind. They simply alter your footwear to help align your body for pain-free movement.

Are orthotic inserts a cure?

It’s important to understand that orthotic inserts treat the symptoms of various issues, but they are not a cure. While wearing these products, you may not experience pain from flat feet, but you’ll still have flat feet. Similarly, the inserts can help prevent a worsening of certain conditions, but they cannot make the original condition go away. You may need additional treatment for certain situations if you hope to one day be rid of the condition entirely. Meanwhile, orthotic inserts can help relieve pain and improve your day-to-day mobility.

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Discover more about the benefits of orthotic inserts in Brampton from your local experts at Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic. Our treatment approach incorporates education, exercise, manual therapy, modalities, acupuncture and customized inserts in order to effectively reintegrate individuals into sports and regular activities of daily life. Reach out to our team with any questions or to schedule your next appointment.


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