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How Naturopathy and Gluten Free Diets can Improve Your Quality of Life

You’ve probably heard about gluten free diets by now and might even have some idea of what they entail—the absence of wheat, barley, oats and other substances carrying the gluten protein. While some might think that this diet is just the newest in a long line of dieting fads, there are actually a number of benefits associated with it. In fact, some people—like those suffering from Celiac Disease—have no choice but to follow this strict diet, for fear of suffering from painful, adverse side effects.

A gluten free diet is one that many Brampton physiotherapists recommend to those seeking a more naturopathic lifestyle. The gluten free diet tends to stick very closely to the six defined practices that define all naturopathic medicine:

  • Trust that the body can heal itself.
  • Identify and treat the cause.
  • Treat the person as an integrative whole.
  • Use non-harming and non-invasive techniques.
  • Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.
  • Use education to allow people to take responsibility for their health.

The belief that the avoidance of processed foods, artificial ingredients and unnecessary additives will positively impact the body is one that commonly joins naturopathic processes and gluten free lifestyles.

Why gluten free?

For most, the ability to eat gluten-containing foods isn’t something that gains a lot of attention, however for those with a gluten intolerance, it forces them to consider everything they’re putting in their bodies. Things like bread, beer and most packaged foods go right out the door, putting a focus on eating more organically, so as to avoid a reaction.

Now, however, attention is being cast on the overall benefits of living gluten free, in the sense that those who have eliminated it from their diets are on track to living happier, healthier lifestyles—a prime value of naturopathy. The secret, is in the elimination of processed foods and a reverted focus on healthier meal choices.

Consider this: instead of eating a frozen dinner that has preservatives, additives and unnecessary ingredients, those following the guidelines of a gluten free diet set down by a Brampton physiotherapist may instead opt to cook their own meats and veggies, skip the dehydrated brownie dessert and opt for a more healthy choice, such as an organic fruit medley.

Rejuvenating the body

You may look at a manufactured food item and see that it’s high in one vitamin or is an abundant amount of a certain type of antioxidant. While this might prompt you to think you’re eating healthier, it’s important to consider that those benefits are likely being offset by all of the artificial items also included in that food.

Naturopathic diets, including a gluten free diet, focus on rooting food choices down to the basic ingredients, to ensure that they’re completely organic and healthy. Buying an organic pear versus a can of diced pears, for example, is a simple way to eliminate all of the excess that comes with even a simple manufactured food!

Those following gluten free diets are experiencing one of the most fulfilling naturopathic remedies: the cleansing of the body through the consumption of healthy, organic, natural foods. If you’ve been feeling a little “off” in your daily life, going gluten free might be something to consider!


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