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How Acupuncture in Brampton can Alleviate Chronic Lower Back Pain

Given the choice between constant lower back pain and the prospect of having needles inserted into strategic pressure points to alleviate that chronic pain, most people will probably opt for the back pain by itself. There’s a certain stigma associated with acupuncture in Brampton that many people just can’t get over—the concept of muscle relief through needle stimulation is just something they can’t quite wrap their heads around.

The reality is, however, that acupuncture is quickly becoming one of the best methods of treating chronic lower back pain. In a feature published by Harvard Men’s Health Watch in April of 2013, the concept of using acupuncture as a method of stimulating muscles to relieve tension touched on the numerous benefits of the procedure, including its affordability over more traditional pain management treatments.

In the article, several eye opening statistics were quoted, showing the results of a long-term study dedicated to quantifying the perceived benefits of acupuncture. Perhaps the most amazing of these figures, is data that supports a 50 percent decrease in overall pain experienced after acupuncture treatments!

Postural pain relief

The question today in regards to acupuncture in Brampton, is just how effective is the treatment at addressing different types of pain. Chronic back pain induced by poor posture, for example, is a growing concern among physiotherapists, simply because it requires long-term treatment, with low to moderate improvement in a person’s quality of life, depending on the variables at play. If acupuncture were able to alleviate long-term, chronic back pain caused by poor posture, it would be a great stride in the direction of reversing the effects of postural pain.

Acupuncture overview

Thanks to the stimulating effects of acupuncture, strides have also been made in the direction of cutting down the intensity of physical therapy, in favor of frequency. Think of it like going to the gym for tone, rather than bulk—more reps at less weight will do more to tone the body, as opposed to higher weight with lower reps, to build mass.

Acupuncture is the low weight, more reps example. Back pain sufferers going through acupuncture treatments may see their physiotherapist more frequently, sometimes as frequent as once per week, however the strain to the body in an effort to overcome the pain will be minimal. Over time, as the benefits of acupuncture begin to take root, sessions can become more spaced, giving the body time to adapt to the habits that it has learned through acupuncture and rehabilitation.

Give acupuncture a try

If you’re like millions of people out there who live day to day with a lingering pain in your back due to posture issues from years gone by, consider speaking with your physiotherapist about acupuncture in Brampton. Remember, set aside the concept and focus on the benefits: a reduction in back pain and the potential for a long-term solution to the pain you’ve been living with for years. When you decide to take the plunge, you’ll realize that the benefits far outweigh the concept!


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