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Getting the Most out of Your Physical Therapy: How to Expedite Your Rehabilitation in Brampton

No one likes having to slog through rehab after an injury. There’s nothing more frustrating as an athlete. You want to get back out onto the field and play as quickly as possible, not be stuck on the bench for weeks or even months at a time. It’s this kind of mentality that often leads players to speed through therapy, only to re-injure themselves again later down the line.

To really and truly expedite your rehabilitation in Brampton and to ensure your injury doesn’t have an elevated risk of occurring again, the best thing is to do it right the first time. With that said, there are ways to speed up your body’s recovery without leaving it vulnerable. Take a look at a few tips that are good for your body and great for speeding up your recovery times:

  • Use heat and ice to your advantage. Ice will help decrease inflammation and swelling caused by exertion during the rehab process. Heat will help to loosen things up if they’re tight and stiff. Using these two elements at the right times will pave the way for better rehabilitation and help keep you from relying on over-the-counter drugs for things like pain and stiffness.
  • Ask your physiotherapist about a TENS machine and what benefits it might have for your rehab. TENS machines use electrical stimulation to contract and relax muscles in an affected area, which can supplement normal movements and exercises to strengthen and condition the area.
  • Manual therapy is something that will likely be used in tandem with physiotherapeutic exercises, and something you should explore further with a qualified physiotherapist. This involves things like range of motion manipulation or myofascial release to improve blood flow. Let healing abound!
  • Get a massage every now and again to help loosen everything up, condition your body and restore good blood flow. Massage is a great way to rest and reset your body, and can help to decrease your recovery time by lowering overall stress on your body.
  • Get proper rest! Your mind may be ready to go, but your body isn’t. Instead of pushing yourself, focus on resting your body properly. Get a good night’s sleep, take a nap after your rehab session and be sure to take up a hobby that requires minimal physical effort.

At the end of the day, dedication to your rehabilitation in Brampton is going to be what gets you back out on the field faster. Remember to put your best efforts forward during rehab sessions and take care of your body in between sessions. This combination of strengthening, conditioning, resting and restoring is what will put your body back on track to serve you.

Shaving a week or two off of your current recovery time might not seem like much, but it could be a big deal compared to getting out there sooner than you’re ready and re-injuring yourself. Take the above tips into account to put yourself on the fast track to completing physical rehab quicker and in your best condition.


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