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Get the Scoop on Growing Pains

Can you recall those late nights as a child when your legs would ache and ache after a long day of running around with friends? Remember that summer when you shot up 6” to become the tallest kid in your class? Growing pains are a real thing and occur frequently in prepubescent kids reaching their prime growth stages.

Now, growing pains are aptly named because they occur during the most prolific growing years of a child’s life, but these pains aren’t exactly the result of your bones growing. In fact, scientists aren’t quite sure of exactly what causes growing pains yet—we simply know that they involve muscle tension and strain that coincides with growth spurts! And, in many cases, they can actually be quite painful for kids.

The good thing about growing pains is that they usually occur in episodes and aren’t long-lasting when they do occur. Pain is often acute and can be remedied with OTC pain relievers in most cases. Moreover, the growing pains stage of a child’s life usually only lasts for a year or so, during the prime upshot of their growth at ages 10-11.

Occasionally, growing pains become something more than just an annoying bout for kids. Growing pains can sometimes become severe, lasting a prolonged amount of time or coming with concentrated intensity, particularly in the patellar (kneecap) and shin regions of the leg. It’s in these cases that more intense pain relief treatments must be explored. A visit to the family physician may be in order, which could ultimately lead you to visiting a physiotherapist for such treatments as massage therapy in Brampton.

Massage is actually one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and tension associated with growing pains. Deep tissue massage in particular is effective at targeting concentrated areas where growing pains may be taking root, to loosen up muscles and soothe inflammation. When used in conjunction with stretching and heat, massage therapy in Brampton is a great way to provide both immediate and long term relief from more strenuous growing pains.

Now, it’s important to realize when growing pains cross the line from discomfort to pain for your child. Kids aren’t always the best at relaying the level of their pain and tolerance can vary greatly. Be sure to monitor any trends in their growing pains to identify the potential for more intense bouts and don’t be afraid to seek medical assistance if your child is in any level of agony.

Growing pains may be a normal part of life growing up, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a source of recurring anguish! A little discomfort is normal and it’s the price we all pay for reaching our adult statures, but when discomfort crosses the line to agony, it’s time to seek relief for your child. Consult with a physiotherapist today if your child’s growing pains are out of control and don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities of massage therapy in Brampton.


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