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Four Tips for Sports Injury Prevention in Brampton

Unfortunately, playing a sport and being injured while playing that sport often seem to go hand in hand. This is especially true for extremely physical sports like soccer or football. Each time a player steps out onto the field or court, he or she assumes the risk of being injured. At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, we do our best to treat every injured patient who walks through our door. We treat patients with a holistic approach in mind. Our registered physiotherapists directly supervise each patient from the beginning of their rehabilitation all the way through to the next time they step out onto the field.

In addition to getting a patient back on his or her feet after an injury, our trained professionals work diligently to prevent that injury from happening in the first place. They do that through education and establishing conditioning programs to get a player in tip-top shape for activities. Here are a few of the things we want you to know about sports injury prevention in Brampton:

  • Know your limits: Traumatic injuries like torn muscles and tendons are probably what most people think of when they hear the term “sports injury.” That’s fair; those types of injuries certainly do happen. However, the most common reason we treat patients for injuries is because of overuse and fatigue. These include injuries caused by running too far too fast, doing too many reps at the gym or just generally playing harder and faster than your body can handle. That’s the education part of our injury prevention program. You’ve got to know your body before you step out onto the field.
  • Condition: The best way to be able to perform better on the field is by conditioning your body off of it. Our physiotherapists will set you up with a conditioning routine that will not only improve your game, but will substantially mitigate the risk of injury as well.
  • Improve coordination: Going along with conditioning, it’s important to improve your coordination when you’re not playing your sport. Serious injuries can be the result of poor coordination during play. There are plenty of exercises our physiotherapists can teach you to improve your coordination.
  • Warm up: Every single one of your coaches has hopefully made your team warm up before starting a game. The warm-up routine should consist of stretching and starting with easy movements to slowly get your muscles ready for play. We can’t make you warm up before the referee blows the starting whistle, but we guarantee that preparing your muscles before you step out onto the field will greatly reduce your risk of injury.

If you’re currently involved in a sport, or are thinking about signing up for a sport, you should give Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic a call to set up a time to speak with one of our physiotherapists about sports injury prevention in Brampton. We can walk you through all of the necessary steps to help reduce the risk of any preventable injury from occurring on the field.


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