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Four Naturopathy Techniques for Healthy Skin Rehabilitation in Brampton

Healthy, clear skin is a desirable feature to have, but can be extremely difficult to acquire and maintain, especially if you’ve dealt with a skin disorder. Constant exposure to toxins, pollution and stress tends to negatively affect our bodies, causing our skin to react in a negative way; however, treating your skin using the holistic approach of naturopathy can revitalize your skin from the inside out, without using drugs or surgical procedures and can make skin rehabilitation in Brampton much easier.

Naturopathy is a natural-based healing technique that works with the remedial powers of nature to purge your body of toxins, which tend to be the root cause of all diseases. Eliminating the toxins in your body and preventing them from returning is the ultimate goal in leading a healthy lifestyle and naturopathy believes this can be done without the use of internal medicines or surgical procedures.

The Naturopathy approach utilizes four great elements of nature, including earth, water, air, and fire. Here are the ways in which naturopathy uses these elements in its treatments to help restore your skin to keep it looking clear and beautiful:


Nature is all around us and one of the main naturopathy elements found on this earth is mud. Mud contains various minerals and trace elements that are known for their renowned effects and healing properties. Mud also has the incredible property of holding moisture for a long time. When mud is applied directly to your skin, it not only acts as a coolant, but also as a moisturizer.

Applying mud masks or taking mud baths revitalizes the skin by moisturizing the pores as well as improves the complexion of the skin by ridding it of spots and patches, which have a tendency to appear with various skin diseases. Working directly with your skin, mud will heal and revitalize without you having to use harsh medicines or painful surgical procedures.


Water is one of the most important and crucial elements in reviving and maintaining healthy skin both internally and externally. This medium is used at any temperature and in any state—steam, ice or liquid—to cleanse and restore skin health.

Healing can start by simply drinking water. Drinking water throughout your day helps hydrate your body from the inside out, as well as improves your skin condition by nourishing it and ridding it of unhealthy toxins.

There are also techniques using water in the form of baths, jets and compresses that help in ridding the body of unhealthy substances and cleansing it, which naturally enhances the skins appearance and keeps it looking healthy.



Air is essential for survival, but fresh air is fundamental in keeping your body happy and healthy. Doing something as small as walking outside in fresh air for at least 20 minutes a day can help restore and preserve healthy skin by helping to circulate oxygen and blood throughout the body more efficiently, which cleanses the system. Taking deep breaths of fresh air helps flush out toxins in the system, leading to a cleaner and healthier body.


The fire element doesn’t necessarily refer to fire itself, but instead directly correlates with natural sunlight. Natural sunlight contains many different wavelengths of light, but the ultraviolet radiation is what helps cure skin diseases, like psoriasis.

Heliotherapy works to ensure your skin gets direct exposure to natural sunlight in order for the natural chemicals caused by ultraviolet rays to seep into the skin and replenish its natural elements, ultimately healing the skin post-skin disease. Although too much UV rays can damage the skin, working with a physiotherapist who knows how much UV should be applied to the skin will prevent any damage from occurring.

Overall, naturopathy is a beneficial option when looking for skin rehabilitation in Brampton due to its noninvasive and natural approach to healing not just the symptoms, but the root cause of your illness. Finding the root of the problem and healing it from there, out, helps prevent it from returning in the future.

Naturopathy is a safe and effective method for both adults and children and has proven time and again that it works and will continue to work using elements that are readily available to us!


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