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Four Injuries That Require Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation in Brampton

Automobile accidents can have lasting physical effects for those involved. Whether a victim presents with immediate signs of an injury or not, there can be significant damage to vital parts of the body that can prevent full mobility. From sore or damaged muscles to broken bones and severed nerves, car accidents can greatly impact a person’s quality of life if injuries are not addressed by a professional. Here are some of the more common injuries requiring motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton:

  • Whiplash: When one driver rear-ends another, even if the accident is fairly small, the encounter can result in whiplash. Imagine the recipient as a bull whip that has been snapped, and like the tip of the whip, the skull and neck are violently forced in one direction and then another, causing damage to one of the body’s most sensitive and vital areas. While many people ignore the signs of whiplash and think fighting through it is the best approach, whiplash is something a doctor or physical therapist should closely examine.
  • Neck injury: Similar to whiplash, neck injuries pose a significant risk to quality of life and overall mobility. If left unchecked, a serious neck injury could result in partial or complete paralysis due to severed nerves or damaged spinal tissue. Victims of neck injuries are often involved in moderate to minor accidents, which include rear-endings, rollovers and pileups. Take these types of injuries very seriously, as they could affect you for the rest of your life. With professional help, the impacts of these injuries can be safely and successfully overcome.
  • Back and spinal injury: Back and spinal injuries, like neck injuries, impact the body’s main thoroughfare of information: the spine. Damage to the back or spine can result in permanent paralysis of parts of your body. The back acts as the body’s main support structure. Therefore, damage can hinder simple activities like walking, running or carrying items. While victims of these injuries have generally been in more severe accidents, it is important to consult a doctor immediately following any auto accident. Your physician will be able to assess the damage and your exposure to future risks.
  • Arm and leg injury: Extremities are often injured even in minor traffic accidents, which can cause serious discomfort as well as negatively impact your quality of life. Broken bones and damaged muscle tissue can mean ongoing pain and complications if left unchecked, and limbs often need therapy to return to their normal range of motion following an accident.

Luckily for victims of motor vehicle accidents, mitigating the results of an unfortunate event don’t have to be addressed alone. Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is a well-establish physical therapy practitioner ready to help you in your time of need. From massage therapy to motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton, our team is ready to help you get back to normal after an accident. Contact us today to see how we can address your injuries and to learn more about the types of physical therapy that would work best for you.


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