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Five Common Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Even the smallest fender benders can result in pain and limitations. That is why, after you experience a motor vehicle accident, you need to see the doctor for motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton even if you do not feel any pain at the time. It is not uncommon to feel worse a few days later, or even become worse in treatment before getting better. Physical therapy can help, and these are the injuries we treat the most frequently after an auto collision:

  • Whiplash: Neck injuries after car accidents are common because the impact causes a sudden jerking motion. When x-rays reveal that your neck straightened from its usual natural curve, that is evidence of whiplash. Limited range of motion, stiffness, pain and headaches are common with whiplash. Clients even experience nausea and vertigo when their whiplash is severe. With physical therapy, we can help you stretch your neck muscles and reduce these effects. This is a vulnerable spot, so professional guidance is often necessary.
  • Scrapes, cuts, burns and bruises: In bad collisions, anything loose in your car becomes a projectile. People sustain injuries being hit by GPS systems, smart phones and even their travel coffee mugs. Burns are also common if hot drinks spill or the air bag deploys and gives you friction burns on your hands. Many of these injuries heal in time, with a few requiring stitches. However, deep bruising makes muscle rehabilitation necessary in some cases. These events constitute blunt force trauma, so seeing a physiotherapist can be helpful.
  • Head injuries: The same unnatural movement that gives you whiplash can also give you a concussion. Also, if your head hits a window or even your steering wheel, emergency services will likely put you through head injury protocol. Head injuries are very serious and require medical supervision. Some are known to cause inner ear disturbances and vertigo, which makes coordination challenging. There are physical therapy treatments available to help your brain and body coordinate again.
  • Broken bones: Serious collisions can break ribs, wrists, ankles and even your entire leg. Once you recover from the break, it can be a long recovery ahead as you rebuild muscle and learn to move well again. Physical therapy plays a big role in this rehabilitation as you regain range of motion and smooth movement. It also addresses atrophied muscles that barely received exercise while you were in a cast.
  • Knee issues: Drivers often sustain knee injuries because they brace their legs at impact. People sitting in the back seat will also suffer these injuries because there is less room for their legs to move, so they lock up and often compromise their knees. Since surgery is often a last result for these types of injuries, rehabilitation is the first line of treatment. It will likely start out a little painfully at first, but as you grow stronger, the pain decreases and your abilities get restored.

If your accident is giving you muscle stiffness and headaches, visit Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic for motor vehicle accident rehabilitation in Brampton. We will help you feel better sooner!


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