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Feel Better with Post-Surgery Rehab in Brampton

It is an understandable perception—the last thing you want to do after surgery is exercise and push your body. However, depending on your surgery, physical therapy can be essential to your rehabilitation. If you are skeptical about post-surgery rehab in Brampton or you want to understand the benefits, here are five reasons why you should keep up with your appointments:

  • Preparation: In some cases, attending physical therapy before your surgery is often part of your post-surgery rehabilitation plan. The reason for doing this is to show you what to expect. A review of recovery exercises and tests of joint mobility will give you a good idea of what your recovery will be like and the benefits you will gain after surgery. This allows a smoother transition to surgery and recovery. If you are a patient who does not enjoy surprises, pre-surgery rehabilitation will likely be part of your plan.
  • Recover quicker: You will rest immediately after surgery. After all, it is difficult on your body and you are likely feeling pain. The period of rest depends on your procedure type, but eventually, you need to get moving again—with supervision. These routines help you recover quicker and feel better sooner. In some cases, physical therapy begins in the recovery room, and that decision frequently shortens hospital stays.
  • Gain mobility: When it comes to movement, if you do not use it, you will lose it. Sitting still as joints lock up and muscles atrophy will not help you recover from back or joint replacement surgery. If anything, you will gain additional pain. This is especially true with the lower extremities, and physiotherapy helps you remain mobile. Programs are based on individuals and your previous treatment, so you will not have to worry about re-injuring yourself. As you heal and gain range of motion, your program changes so you continue improving.
  • Promote healing: Physiotherapy aids proper healing. When you are still for too long, that encourages scar tissue, which can restrict mobility and range of motion. In many cases, it becomes inflamed and patients face long-term pain. Movement prevents this development and helps you retrain your muscles. Joint replacement especially demands this, since the artificial joint works differently than your natural one. As you move and learn to work with your new situation, your body has an easier time healing.
  • Keeps you engaged in rehabilitation: When you are suffering from pain and restricted motion, it is easy to consider the situation hopeless and neglect rehabilitation. Depression is common when people suffer serious injuries, especially if they know they will never be at 100 percent again. Physical therapy encourages accountability and helps you see that you will get better and things will improve. Research shows that patients who are actively involved in their recovery have better results than those who tune out. So, if you receive a physiotherapy prescription, attend all your appointments.

Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic is a leader in post-surgery rehab in Brampton and other forms of physical therapy. Call us today to schedule an assessment.


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