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Ergonomics: Proper Computer Desk Set Up And The Effect It Can Have On Health

Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible not to find yourself sitting in front of a computer at some point in time during your waking hours. Whether it’s for work, school or just during your free time, people have become accustomed to sitting in front of a computer screen for hours a day. And while technology like the Internet has made it possible for us to do virtually anything we can think of, it may also be taking a toll on our posture. While we sit at our desks from day to day, it can be detrimental to our posture and in turn, cause a number of undesirable effects on our joints, muscles and other bodily related aspects.

Ergonomics is the science of positioning our bodies in the best possible way as to alleviate unnecessary stress and tension while we sit. For people who are positioned in front of a computer every day, this concept is becoming increasingly important, because the long-term effects can begin to add up in very serious ways.

A lot of chronic back pain in Brampton can be directly attributed to bad posture and incorrect sitting habits. Most of the time, it’s because people begin to slouch in their chairs after extended periods of sitting. Other times, it’s a result of the wrong desk setup, which can cause people to constantly be shifting around, putting strain on different areas of the lower back and neck.

When it comes to ergonomics and alleviating chronic back pain in Brampton, there are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that your posture is preserved, instead of tested each day. Here are just a few simple things that can create a world of difference:

Get A New Chair: Chairs are designed to keep us comfortable while sitting all day long, but sometimes, the chair you’re using might not be the best chair for you. If you’re someone with special needs in the way of lower back support, for example, a generic office chair may be doing more harm than good for your condition. Instead, using a chair with specialized lower back support will keep you comfortable and appropriately positioned.

Get Rid Of The Chair: How are you supposed to sit at a desk without a chair? Easy! Many people have opted for ergonomic balls, which act to correct posture and evenly distribute weight while a person is sitting on them. Because they don’t have a back, like most chairs, a person must learn to properly balance themselves, which in time, leads to better posture.

Learn Your Problem Areas: If you get sore from just sitting at your desk everyday, consider visiting a Brampton physiotherapist to see if you can identify problem areas in your neck or back. Knowing these areas and how to properly support them will help you to create a computer desk layout that’s just right for you.

Once you’ve taken the time to address the layout of your desk and specifically your desk’s seating arrangement, you’ll begin to notice undeniable health benefits. Your back pain will begin to disappear, your posture will be better and you’ll find yourself with more energy throughout the day!


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