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Don’t Live With Dizziness: Try Vestibular Rehab in Brampton, ON

As time goes on and people age, there often arises a phenomenon known as vertigo, whereby people become easily dizzy, disoriented and often times unbalanced. And while vertigo and other issues may cause older persons to become disoriented quite easily, the issue has been skewing to lower and lower ages as time goes on. Now, instead of 55-65 year old patients becoming disoriented, 35-45 year old people are also beginning to experience these issues, which can wreck havoc on daily life.

Thankfully, a new tact for treating vertigo and other dizzying illnesses is being employed more frequently in modern medicine. Vestibular rehab in Brampton, ON is giving people the opportunity to retrain their bodies in the way of balance and depth perception, as well as through movement and kinesthetic attention. By focusing on motor exercises, balancing tasks and adaptation exercises, patients engaging in vestibular rehab in Brampton, ON have been seen to effectively re-acclimate their bodies with proper orientation, reducing or even eliminating the effects of vertigo and other dizzying conditions.

Here are some of the more common exercises associated with vestibular rehab in Brampton, ON:

Adaptation Exercises: A patient experiencing vertigo will repeat specific body movements over and over again, as a way of adapting the brain to these types of motions. The brain in turn habituates the response so that it becomes a natural movement that doesn’t trigger dizzying symptoms.

Visual Motor Exercises: Rapid movement of the eye has been pinpointed as one of the main triggers of dizziness in someone who has vertigo. By engaging in visual motor exercises, a patient is able to learn techniques for focusing their vision. This type of exercise also supports hand-eye coordination and can help to improve the response of the body overall.

Balance Retaining Exercises: Because balance is the first thing to be affected by vertigo, vestibular rehab in Brampton, ON features a balance component that teaches sufferers how to regain their center of balance and begin to combat the dizziness that comes with a sudden convergence of vertigo.

Canalith Repositioning Exercises: These exercises are specially designed to focus on the inner ear. By moving their head slowly into a number of different positions in a repetitive motion, a patient is able to reposition “ear rocks” that have come loose within the inner ear. More often than not, it’s these “ear rocks” that are responsible for dizziness and unbalanced movements.

Vertigo doesn’t have to be a debilitating condition that a person must simply live with or suffer with from day to day. Thanks to the effects that vestibular rehab in Brampton, ON is able to provide for patients, old or young, there are now options to pinpointing and treating the source and symptoms of this dizzying condition.

If you’re someone who’s constantly losing their center of gravity, becoming dizzy or experiencing rapid eye focus that affects your balance, call Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic today!


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