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Common Physical Problems a Brampton Physiotherapist Can Help Treat

The first thing many people want to do after suffering an injury or being diagnosed with an illness is to curl up and avoid moving because of pain or mental fatigue. But on the road to recovery, movement is key. A movement and exercise program outlined and monitored by a Brampton physiotherapist is not only important for pain management and to maintain one’s health—it is also necessary to help restore one’s wellbeing.

What is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who specializes in helping to recover the physical function of your body after being affected by injury or illness. Having gone through a shock, your body may show signs and symptoms of physical breakdown. Through manual therapeutic exercises individually crafted to fit physiotherapy patients’ specific needs, the hope is for your quality of life to get back to where it was before.

To get started on the road to regaining your mobility and healthy movement, reach out to a nearby clinic to find out how you can benefit from physiotherapy. Some common problems for which physiotherapists can provide treatment include:

  • Sprains and strains: Stretched or torn ligaments, muscles or tendons in any part of the body require immediate attention to ward off pain, swelling and further injury. Sometimes, even with compression, keeping weight off of the area and icing, strains and sprains may need surgery to repair damage, followed by therapy to encourage tissue rejuvenation.
  • Jaw problems: A sore and tender jaw can be a result of nighttime teeth clenching and grinding, contact sports or various accidents, or a side effect resulting from major dental work or surgery. Jaw pain is a common affliction, yet it can be difficult to live with since muscles and other connective tissues remain sensitive for some time.
  • Back and neck pain: From poor posture to auto accident injuries, most everyone has experienced back or neck pain in their life, so much so that we often brush such issues aside. But ignoring the signs and symptoms associated with severe pain for too long can be detrimental to your physical health. Get persistent back or neck pain evaluated by a Brampton physiotherapist as soon as possible.
  • Headache symptoms: Whether they started after an accident or scary illness, and whether they’re mild, moderate or pounding, we all get headaches time to time. Not only does the pain affect your head and normal daily function, but it also takes hold of areas like neck muscles and upper body joints. Should you have severe chronic, long lasting or vision splitting headaches, however, seeing a physiotherapist could be life changing. Don’t let your headache symptoms keep you from living your life.
  • Neurological conditions: Those afflicted by a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s disease, the results of a stroke or a head injury often turn to gentle forms of physical therapy to get back their bodily movement. Through this type of individually targeted touch therapy, you could recover your health and wellness.

At Paramount Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the most effective rehabilitation for your particular physical issue. Whether you’re dealing with injuries from an auto accident or playing sports or problems related to other health issues, contact our office today to discuss your treatment options with a Brampton physiotherapist.


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