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Brampton Sports Injury Rehab Leads to Faster Recovery

The setback that a sports injury can have is devastating to athletes, young and old alike. From the breaking of a bone to the tear of a crucial ligament, sitting on the sidelines while the team is on the field is enough to motivate any athlete to take their recovery seriously. However, while this motivation is great, it can also lead to setbacks when injured athletes push themselves and their body too hard, too fast.

Because the road to recovery is a delicate one, Brampton sports injury rehab is often part of the equation. Aside from ensuring that muscles are able to return to their former elasticity and strength, this crucial component of recovery also puts a timeline on the recovery process, ensuring that athletes aren’t on the field again before their bodies are ready.

Faster recovery through muscle rehab

The concept of Brampton sports injury rehab may sound a bit funny at first: wait longer to get back on the field, but ensure a faster recovery time. As mentioned above, what this concept really implies is that the rehab process may seem like it takes longer, but in all actuality, it’s a faster path that will keep the risk of re-injury lower.

How do you know if rehab is helping you to get back on the field faster and in better condition? Consider these factors:

  • Before beginning rehab, is your range of motion in the affected area the same as before your injury?
  • Do you experience pain when moving the affected area? If so, how severe is the pain?
  • Do you hesitate in moving the affected area, for fear that the pain will return?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s clear that your affected area is not ready to return to full athletic capacity. However, if you ask yourself these same questions after rehab, you’re likely to have a completely new outlook on your former injury: one that suggests you’ll be returning to the field in great form!

Those in rehab versus those who aren’t

How many times have you been watching a professional sport, only to see your favorite player hit the sidelines with a major injury? They’re out for the rest of the game and probably several games after, depending on the extent of their injury. And, when they finally return to the field, you’ll be able to see if they took rehab seriously. How? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they less confident than they used to be?
  • Do they still have the speed, power and endurance that they once did?
  • Do they play for a while, only to be re-injured in the same area?

Again, if the questions above yield a no, then it’s likely that your role model athlete didn’t complete their muscle rehab to its fullest extent. If your answers are yes, however, and your favorite player appears to be back to their former glory, it’s likely that they had a good physiotherapist behind them, pushing for a full recovery through a full muscle rehab regimen.

The truth is, those who take Brampton sports injury rehab seriously will be at a far greater advantage of playing their favorite sport successfully again. Those who skip rehab or try to get back on the field before they’re ready face a limited timeline of play.


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