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Brampton Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Is it safe to get a massage while you’re pregnant? This is a very common question that expectant mothers have and a rightful one to ask, as there is often a lot of uncertainty about how to manage your body when you’re carrying a child. The answer is that it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in Brampton massage therapy while you’re pregnant, provided you’re out of the first trimester (about 12 weeks or so).

Why might you consider a massage while you’re pregnant? Another great question with an abundant amount of answers, all offering a number of benefits that come as an aid to women who might be in need of a little bit of help in regulating their health, wellness and mood. Take a look at how Brampton massage therapy can positively affect you when you’re with child:

  • Helps with digestion: As you might already be aware of, digestion can become something of an issue when you’re eating for who. Some foods simply don’t sit right at all, while others can cause gastrointestinal problems that may leave you backed up for days. Every woman’s body is different, so it can be hard to seek advice for your digestion issues. One definitive helper in regulating your digestion and keeping it regular is massage. A massage increases blood flow to the stomach, allowing your body to better process and eliminate foods.
  • Better circulation: As previously mentioned, blood flow is a prime benefit of massage and having an increased blood flow will do more than benefit your digestion! Swollen feet can be alleviated, pressure in your legs or your back can be addressed and problems with numbness or “sleeping” appendages can be alleviated with a good massage. Increased blood flow also helps the baby!
  • Mood improvement: Even when you’re not pregnant, a massage is a great way to liven up your mood and restore a feeling of rejuvenation to your mentality. Being pregnant can take its toll on your emotions and moods, making you feel like you’re not in control of yourself sometimes. Brampton massage therapy has a restorative effect on mood and can help you feel a little more balanced in the days to come following your massage.
  • Alleviate joint strain: Your back, knees and feet are all bearers of the added weight that being with child brings about—why not give these areas some relief? A massage can help untighten muscles that have become burdened, reduce the strain on joints and ligaments and even improve your flexibility so that you don’t feel like a statue after a long day on your feet.

These are just a few benefits of Brampton massage therapy on a pregnant woman—there are still more advantages to a massage that can help you feel more comfortable while you’re pregnant. Ask a physiotherapist about special pregnancy massages, designed specifically for your state of being and treat yourself and your baby to some of the amazing effects that a good rub down can have!


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