What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Rehabilitation involves the treatment of dizziness and balance problems often caused by disturbances in the inner ear via a specific, exercise-based program. Exercises often rely on coordinating the vestibular system with both vision and proprioception. What are some common symptoms reported by patients with vestibular disturbances?

Assessment & Treatment of Vestibular Disturbances

A comprehensive assessment of the vestibular, neurological, & balance systems, and the cervical spine is completed. Infrared goggles are used to evaluate fine motor movements of the eye, such as nystagmus. Based on the information gathered during the assessment, vestibular rehabilitation treatment programs are individualized for each patient.

Some commonly used techniques include:

  • Positional maneuvers
  • Retraining of normal balance systems using specific exercises
  • Treatment of cervical spine dysfunction
  • Education on positions, movements, environmental conditions to minimize degree of symptoms and/or avoid recurrent exacerbations.

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