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Injuries Rehab in Brampton: Hip and Knee Replacements

August 12, 2013

As bipeds, meaning that we walk on two legs instead of four, maintaining our legs and all of the parts that help us to move is crucial for human beings. Not coincidentally, our legs, knees, feet and hips are among the most common parts of our bodies to become injured... Read More

Knowing Your Limits: Brampton Sports Injury Rehab

July 11, 2013

As an athlete, suffering a traumatic injury can be a devastating blow to not only your body, but to your pride as well. After surgery or intense physical therapy, it can be tempting for an athlete to have a chip on their shoulder: wanting to get back in the game... Read More

Getting Back to Normal: Post Surgery Rehab in Brampton

June 30, 2013

Through the modern wonders of surgery and medical science, people are able to dramatically change and improve their lives in ways that have never before been possible. Surgery in particular can have a profound effect on someone, especially when it means overcoming something as potentially life altering as a major... Read More

Don’t Live With Dizziness: Try Vestibular Rehab in Brampton, ON

April 1, 2013

As time goes on and people age, there often arises a phenomenon known as vertigo, whereby people become easily dizzy, disoriented and often times unbalanced. And while vertigo and other issues may cause older persons to become disoriented quite easily, the issue has been skewing to lower and lower ages... Read More

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