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Lower Body Balance Improves Shooting in Basketball

May 15, 2016

Whether you’re a long-time basketball player or just beginning to play the sport, it’s essential that you are protecting your body as much as possible by putting the least amount of stress on it. In basketball, this often involves paying close attention to how you position your lower body. A... Read More

Stretching After a Run: Why It’s So Important

May 1, 2016

If you’re an active runner, do you view the final step of your run as the end of your workout? Don’t forget that stretching after you run is a vital part of your exercise routine, too. Read on to learn why stretching after running is so necessary and what stretches... Read More

Sports Physiotherapy and its Role on the Sidelines

October 15, 2014

There is no denying the fact that sports injuries in Brampton happen. With so much on the line—a player’s health, team moral and the outcome of the contest—it is important to incorporate sports physiotherapy on the sidelines. A primary benefit of sports physiotherapy is that it goes hand in hand... Read More

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