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A Brampton Physiotherapist Explains Tennis Elbow

November 21, 2017

The human body is capable of engaging in a wide range of sports and activities. From running to typing, any action involves the use of a number of different muscles, joints and bones—not to mention some brainpower. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to experience some sprains, breaks or bruises when you... Read More

Learn About Proper Workplace Ergonomics from a Brampton Physiotherapist

November 6, 2017

Although physiotherapy is commonly associated with the world of sports, it’s important to know that physiotherapists are trained to provide pain management treatment to anyone. In fact, they can help those suffering from joint, muscle or other soft tissue damage—including individuals who spend a lot of time sitting at an... Read More

Understanding Acute Management of Inversion Ankle Sprains

September 26, 2017

An ankle sprain occurs when one or multiple ligaments of the ankle tear, and can be the result of such actions as falling, being involved in an auto accident, taking a wrong step, participating in strenuous activities and more. A ligament tear can be partial or complete, but you need... Read More

What Is Manual Therapy?

July 21, 2017

When most people think of treatment for a sports injury or other musculoskeletal issue, they think of physical rehabilitation. Re-learning how to use different muscles and strengthening different ligaments are important after a major injury. But this isn’t the only form of physiotherapeutic treatment out there. In some situations, an... Read More

Answers to Three Common Questions About Brampton Physiotherapy

May 23, 2017

Very few people would argue that modern medicine isn’t one of the greatest advancements in human history. It’s amazing to think that common illnesses could have killed our ancestors, but they don’t anymore thanks to medicines that we take for granted. The same can be said for treating injuries. A... Read More

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